Politics, religious beliefs, and vaccine choice are personal decisions; however, we are facing an unprecedented intercept of politics and medicine, and as Dr. Hodkinson states,

“It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game.”

The purpose for the following informative video and petition is to educate Lyme/MSIDS patients that President Biden, despite previously stating he would never give a vaccine mandate, is rolling vaccine mandates forward by announcing that private businesses with more than 100 employees must get the injections or face fines of $14,000 each incident if they don’t implement a mandate for vaccines and testing.  It will use the “full legal authority” of the Department of Education to insert itself into the sovereignty of the states’ right to protect its own citizens and school children. It will deploy “Federal Monoclonal Antibody Strike Teams” in partnership with HHS, FEMA, and the Department of Defense.  Biden also threatened to use his powers as President to “remove governors” to get them out of the way.

In typical, “what’s good for thee, but not for me” hypocrisy, members of congress and their staffs will be exempt from the vaccine mandate.  Interestingly, AP reveals the Biden regime consulted with labor unions before issuing the mandate.  The only problem that everyone seems to forget is that this is a medical decision that should be made between a person and their physician.

Despite this edict being unconstitutional, it’s quite obvious the Biden regime intends a needle to go into every single arm (except theirs of course).  Furthering the new dystopia, the Surgeon General states that the Biden regime will ‘monitor’ exemptions to the COVID mandate.

Predictably, the CDC on September 1, 2021 updated its definition of “vaccination” from “The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease,” to produce “protection.”  This furthers the newspeak that the COVID injections are “safe and effective,” despite the fact they don’t stop infection or transmission.  Now, they have that base covered as thousands upon thousands (14,115 fully “vaxxed” as of Sept. 7, 2021 either hospitalized or dead from COVID) of “break-through” infections and deaths are occurring in the fully “vaccinated.” 

For anyone paying attention, historically the CDC has often quietly updated information, changed definitions,  manipulatesd data, and flat-out lied if it suits their purpose.
Remember, this organization has a long and sordid history of corruption.

The John Birch Society, citing Federalist Paper #16, states that local, county, and state governments need to ignore the orders or pass resolutions and legislation that protects against this overreach. 

28 States have now announced they will not implement vaccine mandates, or the use of vaccine passports. Here are three examples of legal remedies, that can be sent to your elected officials;
  • Lander County, Nevada has adopted multiple resolutions, providing robust protections from discrimination. Please share the document with your own County Commissioners.
  • Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has just passed a resolution banning mandates and vaccine passports.
  • South Dakota’s legislature has two bills awaiting special session, once passed these bills will codify health status as a protected class, and provide legal remedy for segregation, discrimination, and coercion.

Politics is about relationships, and community. It only takes one elected official to introduce a resolution for consideration.

Lyme/MSIDS patients, and lovers of freedom, should be very concerned and taking action. There are many reasons to forego vaccination – particularly when an injection has caused more damage than in the past 30 years of the VAERS reporting system.
Forced vaccination violates the Nuremburg Code and discriminates and segregates.
By ensuring that there is zero approved outpatient treatment, our government has trapped nearly every American who has not been infected – vaccinated and unvaccinated – into a death trap in the overrun hospitals. And that seems to be exactly where they want us.  Source
Particularly troubling to Lyme/MSIDS patients is that vaccination has caused latent infections to reactivate. 

The following short 8 minute video with Naomi Wolf, author and journalist, clearly shows we are in unprecedented times.  https://rumble.com/vmas3g-a-biofascist-coup-was-declared-today.html  Video Here

https://standforhealthfreedom.com/action/covid-vaccines-must-be-voluntary  Go to Petition Here

ACT NOW: Tell your governor and local legislators that COVID-19 vaccines must be voluntary!

Personal choice, not public pressure or coercion, must be the only factor in getting the vaccine.

Our Stand

  • President Biden’s recent plan to vaccinate all Americans is overreach into states’ rights to protect the health and welfare of their citizens. It is illegal, illogical and immoral. There is no authority to use the office of the presidency to make a nation-wide vaccine mandate, nor to direct employers to assume liability for the same.
  • With round-the-clock media coverage of coronavirus, there is a strong and growing push for Americans to widely accept the impending COVID-19 vaccine — even though the vaccine is experimental and has known safety concerns. However, the U.S. public is divided over whether to get the vaccine. In the latest poll from the Pew Research Center, which surveyed more than 10,000 U.S. adults in September, about half of respondents (51%) said they would definitely or probably get a coronavirus vaccine if it were available today.
  • Amidst intense public pressure from government and community leaders, there are many people asking, “Will I be forced to get the COVID-19 vaccine?” There are myriad reasons why someone might choose to decline the vaccine. Among the most common are conscientious objections, religious convictions, a history of prior vaccine injury and concerns over safety, including the speed with which the vaccine is being developed and the lack of long-term safety data.
  • States across the country have drafted COVID-19 vaccination plans that utilize tracking systems, outline incentives to ensure maximum uptake of the vaccine, and identify priority populations to receive the vaccine. A July 2020 Johns Hopkins report urges local and state public health agencies to explore bundling vaccination with other safety net services. “Bundling services (e.g., food security, rent assistance, free clinic services) that are already being provided to particularly vulnerable populations in the context of COVID (e.g., older adults, low-income adults, Black and minority communities) could be a way to build trust and streamline vaccine provision,” the report says.
  • Such programs could ultimately result in the denial of crucial services for those who choose to opt out of the vaccine, thereby stripping individuals of any opportunity to make this medical decision for themselves. Even if the COVID-19 vaccine is not mandated, some states could choose to limit the privileges of those who can’t supply proof of vaccination. This, experts say, is a violation of human rights and constitutional rights — especially since much of the population is not at risk from harm from COVID but could easily experience harm from a fast-tracked, experimental vaccine.
  • Under U.S. Supreme Court ruling, in order to mandate a medical intervention there must be an epidemic that imperils the entire population. According to the CDC’s own data, most people have greater than a 97 percent chance of surviving COVID. In fact, for those under 70, the survivability rate among those infected ranges from 99.5 percent to 99.9 percent. Moreover, the COVID-19 vaccine is not supposed to prevent transmission; it’s merely supposed to lessen symptoms. As such, there is no basis upon which to require the vaccine; it’s up to each person to decide how to care for their own body based on their own judgment and unique physiology.
  • It is unethical and immoral to mandate an experimental vaccine that has known safety concerns and for which there is no liability. Under the PREP Act — which was passed in 2005 and invoked in March of 2020 — vaccine and drug manufacturers, government agencies, doctors and all others are 100 percent free from any and all liability (absent intentional wrongdoing) resulting from harm caused by the coronavirus vaccine. Thus, no one will bear responsibility if you or your family is harmed by the vaccine. Lastly, for those with deeply held religious beliefs (or who lead a pharmaceutical-free life), vaccination violates their convictions to abide by natural law and to walk in faith, not fear.
  • Stand up for your basic human right for informed consent and to decline a medical intervention! Click below to email and tweet your governor and local lawmakers to urge them to make the COVID-19 vaccine voluntary, not mandatory. Let them know that the only one who stands to profit from the COVID-19 vaccine is the pharmaceutical industry.

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Top Five Reasons The Coronavirus Vaccine Must Be Voluntary


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