Why is CDC Scaring Us To Death?

by jameslyonsweiler


The “Surge” being seen in countries that use flu vaccines can reasonably be attributed to mismanagement of our public health statistics on respiratory viruses – and due to immune damage from the influenza vaccine.

TOMORROW IS HALLOWEEN – All Hallow’s Eve – a religious traditional where ghouls and goblins roam the streets in search of something… tricks, or treats.

CDC’s latest trick is diagnostic substitution of “Influenza” for “COVID19” and it’s scaring people literally to death.

Let’s line up some facts:

Fact 1. CDC Uses False Numbers for Influenza to Scare People. CDC used to track deaths from “Influenza” separately – until 2014, the year in which they came up with the “Pneumonia+Influenza” or “Influenza Disease” hat-trick. By combining deaths from pneumonia untested into “Influenza Disease” they have been successfully scaring Americans over “the Flu” to push the flu vaccine. [Read a full article on this here – the article that was Censored by LinkedIN.]

In 2014, 11% of cases of “Influenza Disease” were bona fide influenza cases.

In this graph, I show the estimated number of bona fide influenza cases per year after 2014 combined with the reported number of influenza cases.

Influenza and Pneumonia Cases 2010-2017 season.
The next time someone says “55,000” or “80,000” deaths from infleunza per year, share this article with them.

Fact 2. In 2020, Influenza is Missing. The next fact to consider is that CDC appears to have abandoned tracking influenza in 2020. How convenient. Look at this series of Influenza Cases by type per year. Look at the small insert number of positive tests reported per week – they represent the onset of the flu season for the next season coming one. We’ll be comparing those insert figures to the data available as of Oct 30, 2020 (Week 44 of 52).

See the Insert Fall Weeks with Positive Tests Reported Each Year

Now look at the same figure for the 2019-2020 season (data available up to October 17, 2020, this year).

Influenza Positive Cases Reported 2019-2020

Fact 3. Studies have shown that the influenza vaccine appears to make people more susceptible to coronavirus infection and infection by other non-influenza viral infections. There’s the Wolf study that supposes the mechanism by which coronavirus infection is more likely following infleuza vaccine is “Viral Interference”

Wolff GG. Influenza Vaccination and Respiratory Virus Interference Among Department of Defense Personnel During the 2017-2018 Influenza Season. Vaccine 2020;38 (2):350-354.

I suspect it’s thimerosal, which inhibits the protein ERAP1, necessary for our immune systems to fold proteins properly in response to new pathogens. (Source: “Screening Identifies Thimerosal as a Selective Inhibitor of Endoplasmic Reticulum Aminopeptidase 1“).

See also Ben Cowling’s study “Increased risk of noninfluenza respiratory virus infections associated with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine”

Denialists will say “there’s no evidence this is true for COVID19”. Fact: there is no evidence that it is NOT true for COVID19, either, and COVID19 is a coronavirus responsible for respiratory illness. Fact-checker, check yourself.

I’ve shown in previous posts that diseases of unknown origin got their start in 1976 with the onset of national whole-population influenza vaccine efforts, and also that the uptake in infleunza vaccines in a given year increases the likelihood of influenza for the next two years. So there is evidence – detectable at the population level – of harm to the immune system from influenza vaccination program.

We also know from animal studies in past attempts to develop coronavirus vaccines that coronavirus vaccines tend to cause disease enhancement – i.e., they make infection from coronaviruses worse. Yet Fauci and Moderna and FDA and all vaccine manufacturers decided to skip this essential step in their rush to get a COVID19 vaccine developed, making guinea pigs out of the human beings.

So let’s put it all together:

There is no way that CDC is getting COVID19 numbers right

They are likely conflating COVID19 “presumed” cases with non-tested cases of “influenza disease” (remember, that influenza + non-tested pneumonia from bacteria, RSV, and SV and other Coronaviruses).

The “Surge” being seen in countries that use flu vaccines can reasonably be attributed to mismanagement of our public health statistics on respiratory viruses and due to immune damage from the influenza vaccine.

To me, it seems CDC is the largest threat to public health in the United States.

Trick or treat?

You can watch a video on Facebook where Dr. Jack discusses the CDC data.


For more:

FYI: The CDC has done this before and got away with it:  

In short, our public ‘authorities’ created a fake swine flu pandemic so people would take a dangerous vaccine that they created, but because the number of infected was so low they secretly stopped counting cases of Swine Flu.


Attkisson wrote an article about this scandal, and it was published on the CBS News website. However, the next, bigger step—putting out the story on CBS television news—was waylaid. No deal. And CBS shut down any future investigation on the subject. Attkisson’s article died on the vine. No other major news outlet in the world picked up her article and ran with it deeper into the rabbit hole.

To this day the public still believes there was an actual swine flu pandemic.  

According to this article, WHO estimated by May 2006 it had killed only 100 people.  Dr. Fauci also falsely stated serious adverse events for the fast-tracked swine flu vaccine was “very, very, very rare,” yet cases of narcolepsy came pouring in.

As to the question: “Why is the CDC scaring us to death?” :

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