Michelle Malkin: CDC: Centers for Damaged Credibility

By Michelle Malkin | March 11, 2020

CDC has one primary job — Disease Control — but has managed to botch it without ever learning from past failures.

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In this astute piece, Malkin outlines CDC past failures:

  • 1976 swine flu scandal whipped up by CDC junk scientists to develop another vaccine that resulted in an increased risk of GBS
  • 1999 CDC misspent $22.7 Million for CFS
  • 2000 CDC lied to congress on how it spent $7.5 Million on hantavirus
  • 2001 CDC squandered $13 Millin for Hepatitis C research
  • 2009 CDC recalled 800,000 doses of swine flu vaccine – failed potency tests
  • 2012 CDC leaked anthrax, SARS, monkeypox – faulty airflow system
  • 2014 CDC’s lack of response to Ebola exposed travelers.  $15 Million worth of isolation chambers sat in a warehouse
  • CDC continues fear campaign pushing people to get flu shot using flawed data (read:
  • 2020 CDC lies about vaccines causing autism – continues to smear critics
I would like to add to this list (although this is hardly a conclusive list):
  • 2009 CDC finds hardly any cases of Swine Flu was Swine Flu or any sort of flu – but hides it from public
  • 2009 CDC stops counting Swine Flu cases yet miraculously estimates there are 22 MILLION cases fear-mongering the public into getting vaccinated
  • 2012 CDC states Morgellons is not infectious – just cotton fibers. To this day they will not accept independent researching showing borrelia involvement.
  • 2015 CDC scientist admits vaccine authors destroyed evidence of harm caused by MMR vaccine
  • 2016 CDC states there is insufficient evidence that Zika causes microcephaly, but weeks later, after plopping it into “Shephard’s’ criteria they magically announce it does (despite it meeting only 3 of 7 criteria)
  • 2016 CDC scientists create group SPIDER (Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research) and cite numerous scandals involving scientific corruption within CDC
  • 2017 CDC spends $222 million on Zika based on one autopsy – but runs out of money and begs for more
  • 2017 CDC completely ignores research showing 5 out of 5 brains of children with autism have high levels of aluminum
  • CDC uses front groups (NACCHO, ECBT, AAP, IAC) to combat health freedom
  • 2020 CDC refuses accurate COVID-19 tests, insists on making its own. To this day does not have an accurate test, thereby making all U.S. numbers meaningless due to faulty testing
  • 2020 CDC Dr. Fauci secures $2 billion for COVID-19 vaccine, despite research on the SARS vaccine showing poor outcomes – even deaths, fast tracks COVID-19 vaccine (bypassing animal testing, and using limited human testing). Even vaccine proponents are worried.
  • 2020 CDC breaks basic principle of medicine. Whenever there is a death and COVID-19 is detected, the virus is automatically assigned as the cause of death giving a false high death rate. 
  • 2020 CDC continues to downplay Lyme/MSIDS pandemic
  • CDC refuses to acknowledge research showing persistent infection
  • CDC continues to push their outdated and flawed testing
  • CDC vilifies any lab doing testing other than the ones they approve of
  • CDC continues to push their unscientific, flawed guidelines
  • CDC continues to publish flawed data on their website
  • CDC only admits correct facts when a vaccine is being prepared to illicit public demand
  • CDC uses editorials written by industry doctors to fast track a Lyme vaccine which would have little success without assistance
  • CDC’s Paul Mead used his position to push a Lyme vaccine
  • CDC used taxpayer dollars to finance the racketeering scheme identified in the Lisa Torey vs IDSA lawsuit registered in Texas District Court
This information should cause everyone to question the CDC’s stance everything – including COVID-19. They have a long, long history of fraud, deception, and conflicts of interest.  True to form – they are manufacturing and pushing a COVID-19 vaccine.

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