Remember when The Guardian stated Sweden’s approach was “a catastrophe” and CBS News said Sweden had become “an example of how not to handle COVID-19?”

Well, they can apologize now.

Sweden’s singular open, relaxed approach, which continues to this day, has data showing the 7-day average for COVID deaths was zilch and has been for a week.  The evidence is crystal clear for anyone who cares.  Sweden did it right.  The rest of the world got it wrong.

Overall mortality there is lower than most of Europe and its economy suffered far less.

Meanwhile, angry protests are breaking out elsewhere as tyrants continue their choke-hold.  Source


Aug. 4, 2021

“Bill de Blasio announced that, beginning August 16th, anyone who wants to enjoy indoor entertainment, such as bars, restaurants or movie theaters, and anyone entering an indoor gym, must show proof of vaccination. He’s calling it the ‘Key to New York City.’ After numerous other attempts to entice people into vaccination, from $100 gift cards giveaways, free Krispy Kreme and tickets to various attractions, the city has now turned to what you used to be considered a conspiracy theory—vaccine passports.”

Most of this news report is accurate; however, they completely bypass the fact there are cheap, effective treatments available for COVID that are being highly censored as well as the fact fully “vaccinated” people, besides driving viral immune escape and mutations/variants, have in fact become sick and even died from COVID.

Now, society has reached a new low thanks to corrupt public health ‘authorities’ and a bought out media, that has given the public a steady diet of fear and propaganda. Many now believe the “unvaxxed” should be jailed, shot, or forced into starvation, despite the fact natural immunity is always better than anything a vaccine could produce, and that there are many reasons to forego vaccination.

All this for shots that don’t prevent infection, transmission, or death, and have caused untold suffering.

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