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Seven Silver Linings of the Pandemic

By Levi Quackenboss

A few weeks ago, as I was desperately looking for an upside to a national shutdown, a post about the Earth healing from pollution came my way. The world’s air was cleaner, the water was getting clearer. That was nice, I suppose. That was something to hold on to in such a crap situation. And then people finally started washing their hands for the first time in their lives, which was a miracle in itself, hopefully that habit will stay. Then homeschooling and homebirth came to the masses; both significant sub-movements of the health freedom and parental rights movement. As long as one has money to put food on the table, it’s lovely being home in the evening to go on a sunset walk and read books to your kids and tuck them into bed. (See link for article)



Great article pointing out numerous important issues.  Read it in its entirety, but here’s the bulletpoint:

  1. There’s an awakening to W.H.O. corruption
  2. There’s an awakening to Dr. Fauci’s conflicts of interest
  3. SIDS rates are dropping despite infants missing vaccination appointments
  4. Word is getting out on the dangers of respiratory virus vaccines
  5. The Gates Foundation got exposed for using vitamin C as a placebo in their study on hydroxychloroquine. (Placebos should be inert substances)
  6. An awakening that immunity badges will create an ‘immunity caste’ that’s allowed to return to work while everyone else ‘begs on the streets’
  7. The U.S. is learning the importance of not eliminating the control group from the population.

Best quote:

“They want a federal lockdown because God forbid we look back on this situation in a year and say, “Hmmm. Apparently, looking at the data from Arkansas, locking down the whole planet was utterly unnecessary.” Do you know how unhinged Americans are going to become when they realize their jobs and small businesses were destroyed for no reason?” 


Results are in.  Florida, without any lockdown or mask mandate has nearly the same hospitalization level as the 2018 flu season:

The Grand Farce of American Social Distancing

By Michelle Malkin

Please read entire article in link above, but Malkin points out the arbitrary and irrational nature of social distancing.  Here’s a few points:

  1. Children’s playgrounds are now crime scenes but golf courses are wide open.
  2. Weed, booze, ice cream, and fast-food take outs remain open while family owned sit down restaurants are shut down.
  3. Barbershops and hair salons are closed while government landscape crews are all ‘crammed together in a truck’ earning paychecks subsidized by out of work taxpayers.
  4. Hollywood stars rake in social media clicks showing quarantine videos and coping tips from their mansions while the paparazzi show some coming out of gyms whose front-door signs read, “Gym is not open”. Others visit a gym with a film crew in tow to film workouts you can do at home.

Great quote: 

We are not “all in this together,” like the cliched hashtag saying goes. The privileged among us get VIP gym access during lockdown, while ordinary Americans are cooped up inside doing pushups in the living room, lunges through the bedroom, makeshift treadmill runs in slippery socks across the kitchen floor, and bicep curls with their jugs of laundry detergent.

Lastly, and this should make you chuckle – I found out from a friend that the tanning salon down the street is still open because you can access it with your own key…..just think about the implications of this for just a moment….sweat, coughing, viral particles everywhere

This farce is almost as bad as a Laurel and Hardy Film


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