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June, 28, 2022

Heroic Mom Fact Checks CDC, ACIP, Researchers and Media

Del BigTree and Jeffrey Jaxen break down a mom’s astute work showing that COVID is NOT the “leading cause of death” in children as well as dismantles fraudulent trial data being used by corrupt public health ‘authorities’ to push gene-therapy shots on children.

The following deceitful CDC slide, based upon a seriously flawed study has been used ad nauseum by “experts” and the media to push gene therapy injections upon children.

Go here for this savvy mom who fact-checks public health ‘experts’ and a bought-out media and believes this faulty study should be fully retracted. 


  • Their Covid numbers came from NCHS which includes deaths where Covid is listed anywhere on the death certificate which over counts Covid deaths because it includes death that had a different underlying cause.
  • While the pre-print article states “we only consider COVID-19 as an underlying (and not contributing) cause of death”, this is blatantly false. This same error was addressed previously where the author was called out and subsequently posted follow-up where he admitted it was wrong to compare multiple causes of death data with underlying causes of death data.
  • The time periods used are also faulty and end up being ranked TWICE for each age group.  This is completely misleading.
  • The CDC used the rankings for cumulative COVID deaths further overcounting deaths compared to other causes of death.  Please see the article for the corrected rankings and deaths.
  • Even corrected rankings overstate the impact of COVID because the top few causes of death far outweigh the causes further down the list.  For example:
    • Ages 1-4, accidents account for almost 25 times as many deaths as Covid-19 on an annualized basis
    • for each of the 4 age groups covered by the CDC slide, the very broad “accidents” is the leading cause of death. If we break that down further, causes of death like drownings, vehicle crashes, drug overdoses, would be individual causes of death greater than Covid in various age groups. Actuary Mary Pat Campbell explains this well in a couple of blog posts on pediatric Covid deaths.
  • Why did they use data from 2019 and not 2020 or 2021 when aspects of COVID response affected some of the leading causes of death?
  • Why did a group of UK researchers analyze US deaths instead of for their own country?  Could it possibly be due to the fact the US counts Covid deaths very generously, so our data made it easier to present Covid as a leading cause of death? And why did they inflate the counts by including 18 and 19 year olds in the data, when the pediatric population is generally accepted to be 0-17?
  • How did Dr. Katherine E. Fleming-Dutra, MD at the CDC and pediatrician and doctor of emergency medicine not realize this data was seriously flawed and out of line with all other data?
  • How did a preprint get used in an ACIP and FDA presentation with no oversight and without the quality of data being fully vetted? And how come a mother, on her own personal time, become more knowledgeable about COVID deaths in children than academics and public health ‘officials’ whose job it is and who are paid by tax-dollars?

Important excerpt:

We are forced to believe that the CDC researchers who put this data together are either incompetent or liars, and when all the mistakes go in the same direction, it certainly seems like the CDC uses whatever data they can find to push their agenda without any consideration to its veracity. ~ Kelley, Pediatric News

The author is completely correct when she states that this is an international and national disgrace, and that the CDC and much of the academic and pubic health community have utterly failed the American public.

BRAVO!  Thank God for moms!  Video Here (Approx. 4 Min)

And another astute woman, Dr. Clare Craig a diagnostic pathologist, breaks down another horrific example of fraudulent COVID shot trials on children.


  • out of 4,526 children, (6 months to 4 years) 3,000 didn’t make it to the end of the trial!
    • this is often due to severe side-effects
    • for this reason alone, this trial should be deemed null and void
  • 6 of the children (2 to 4 years) in the “vaccinated” group were diagnosed with “severe COVID,” compared to just one in the placebo group
  • the only child requiring hospitalization was in the “vaccinated” group
  • in the 3 week follow-up, 34 “vaccinated” children were diagnosed with COVID compared to 13 of the unvaccinated
  • Between doses 2 &3 which had an 8-week gap, “vaccinated” children again experienced higher rates of COVID
  • After the 3rd dose, “vaccinated” children again experienced higher rates of COVID
  • They only counted 3 cases of COVID in the “vaccine” arm but 7 cases in the placebo group, literally ignoring 97% of all the COVID cases that occurred during the trial to conclude that the shots were “effective” in preventing COVID
  • While they claimed the 3-dose regimen reduced COVID, 12 kids actually caught COVID TWICE in the 2-month follow-up – 11 of which were “vaccinated”!
  • Confidence interval for Pfizer’s shot is -370% at the lower end of the 95% which suggests kids who get the shot are nearly FOUR times more likely to become ill with COVID than their unvaccinated peers

Robert F Kennedy explains the dirty little secret that it’s imperative the ‘powers that be’ get the COVID shots recommended for children because when that happens “vaccine” manufacturers are protected legally from any liability

This is the end-game.  Your children for their profit.

And this insightful interview with Dr. Tess Lawrie explains why the COVID shots should be recalled.

Three more perfect examples of getting straight, transparent answers outside corrupt research institutions and conflict riddled public health ‘authorities‘.

There is an urgent need to break the public health monopoly that has been used to enslave the public.
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