White House tells businesses to ignore federal court order and implement vaccine mandate anyway

The Biden administration said that businesses should ignore a federal court ruling against his vaccine mandate and implement it anyway.

“We think people should not wait,” said White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during Monday’s media briefing. “They should continue to move forward and make sure that they’re getting their workplace vaccinated.”

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Federal Court of Appeals temporarily blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate based on ‘grave statutory and constitutional issues’


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Saturday afternoon that the Federal Court of Appeals issued a temporary halt to President Joe Biden’s “vaccine” mandate….

Emergency hearings will take place soon.

“We will have our day in court to strike down Biden’s unconstitutional abuse of authority.” Gov. Abbott

Texas was one of 26 states that launched lawsuits challenging the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate that will be enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  (See link for article)


Watch Sharyl Attkison on Full Measure for an excellent 9 minute report on the “Vaccine” mandate.


Meanwhile, Biden Labor Secretary Claims OSHA COVID “Vaccine” Rule Isn’t A Mandate.

“This new rule is illegal and unconstitutional. It circumvents the normal legal process, along with Congress, to claim emergency powers to impose a mandate on American business,” said Rick Esenberg, president and general counsel at the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, which is representing two businesses that are suing the administration over the standard, according to The Epoch Times.


Tell OSHA the Emergency Rule should NOT be adopted as a final standard!

OSHA is requesting public comments for the next 30 days as to whether the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) agency rule for employer COVID vaccine, masking, and testing requirements, should become a final standard.  Although the ETS, aka Biden’s Mandate, is to take effect immediately on November 5, 2021, OSHA states that it also serves as a proposal under statute for a final standard.  We do not want this to become a final standard!

In addition, OSHA is requesting comments on the rule’s entire content including such things as whether to apply the standard in the future to small businesses; “OSHA encourages commenters to explain why they prefer or disfavor particular policy choices, and include any relevant studies, experiences, anecdotes or other information that may help support the comment.”

Go here to give a public comment.

Reasons to Oppose the ETS: 

  • Personal health care decisions should not be dictated by employment requirements.
  • It is the result of Federal overreach by the Biden Administration using an agency to accomplish what cannot legally be done by a President.
  • As discussed by the plaintiffs in BST Holdings, et al. v. OSHA, it exceeds OSHA’s authority under its enabling statute; it exceeds Congress’s authority under the Commerce Clause; and it exceeds Congress’s authority under the nondelegation doctrine.
  • For background on the ETS, read NHFA’s post opposing President Biden’s Mandate here.  OSHA was tasked with implementing the mandate.

Please submit comments despite the stay of enforcement of the ETS (the “Mandate”) as ordered by the 5th Circuit in BST Holdings, et al. v. OSHA, on Saturday, November 6.  As the order makes clear, the stay of enforcement is only valid “pending further action by the court.” 



Nov. 4, 2021

Senator Cassidy (R-LA) grills CDC Director Walensky – Who Doesn’t Answer a Single Question – Not One

At a recent Senate Health Committee hearing, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) asked CDC Director Rochelle Walensky a number of important questions about natural immunity and why CDC employees are still working remotely if they have been “vaccinated,” and are wearing PPE (personal protective equipment).

  • Recent publications show that 6 to 8 months out 92% of those with natural immunity have T cells, B cells, and antibodies that are adequate to protect.
  • CDC has access to electronic health records (EHR) as to who tests positive for COVID.
  • The reason the CDC won’t state that natural immunity confers protection against future infections is because they’ve decided not to look.
  • While Walensky blathers on with insignificant information, Cassidy drills down by pointing out the CDC could prospectively look at the data, and follow the EHR to determine this crucial but ignored fact of natural immunity.
  • Walensky claims there would be biases.
  • Cassidy states that there could also be empirical clinical data used, not just lab results due to EHRs.
  • Cassidy rightly states the American people “intuitively understand this, and they feel like we are being willfully blind to it.” 
  • Then, for the blockbuster: Cassidy simply asks what percentage CDC employees have been “vaccinated.” (In May a senate hearing showed that only a little over half got the jab.)
  • Instead of answering the simple question, Walensky rambles on about their efforts to “vaccinate.”
  • Cassidy states that North of 75% of CDC employees are still working remotely.  He asks if this is correct and Walensky, who is the head of the CDC, states she doesn’t know that number off the top of her head.
  • Not to be undone, Cassidy then asks when you go down the hallway, are there empty desks?
  • Walensky, desperate to stay on script, reiterates she doesn’t have the numbers of the top of her head.
  • Cassidy states that a recent government accountability office (GAO) report shows there has been no coordinated response from the federal government to get federal employees back into work.  He points out that while teachers are back to work, he has no clue how ‘vaccinated” lab workers wearing PPE would consider themselves eligible to stay at home.
  • Cassidy points out that it doesn’t bode well with the public if federal health agencies don’t have enough confidence in the “immunization” & PPE to go back to work.
  • Lastly Cassidy points out a letter he & Senator King submitted in early February on genomic surveillance that has yet to be answered.
Cassidy gets a 10, Walensky, a 0.

I’ve posted previously that Fauci, Collins, and Walensky are expert Wordsmiths. They redirect, filibuster, ignore questions, and redefine and manipulate words, definitions, and statistics. They’ve been expertly deceiving the public for decades.


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