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Dr. Suneel Dhand

April 18, 2023

  • In a 30 minute interview with CNBC, Dr. Robert Califf said better regulation is needed to combat health misinformation that’s rampant online.
  • He also said the agency, though it has no direct role in drug pricing, will use its bully pulpit more.
  • New obesity drugs bring “great hope,” Califf said, but need more data.
This is a warning shot over the bow, folks.

Buckle up for more censorship!

Pro Big Pharma Califf and corrupt public health agencies want to limit our access to health information – particularly information that conflicts with the government narrative.  Remember, these agencies completely failed with COVID by mandating measures that did nothing to lower mortality, continue to fail Lyme/MSIDS patients and are the worst purveyors of misinformation that has killed  untold thousands.  The sole emphasis upon experimental, fast-tracked, gene therapy injections as well as government sanctioned, ineffective and dangerous treatments continues to cause unmeasurable harm, when there are numerous effective, safe, treatments that have been censored and shut down by those desiring to stop all competitive health information by labeling it ‘misinformation.’  It’s an age-old bullying tactic they continue to utilize.

While Dhand rightly attacks food corporations for junk food, as well as point out crucial topics like diabetes, obesity, etc. – let’s never forget the mortality issue is occurring directly after the roll-out of the COVID shots

But, of course it’s all #ABV.

For more:

From the book:

“Millennials (ages 25-44) saw an acceleration of excess mortality into the second half of 2021 to new all-time highs, a stunning 84% above baseline.

Dowd, Ed. “Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022 (Children’s Health Defense) (p. 151). Skyhorse. Kindle Edition. “

It includes an analysis of the new-in-2021 post-mortem “diagnosis” of sudden adult death syndrome, analysis of events in VAERS following my, and Dr. Jessica Rose’s days-after shot distribution analysis, as well as the meteoric rise in VAERS reports in myocarditis and pericarditis.

Those wanting to normalize this call it the more official sounding title of SADS “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” which of course doesn’t include the thousands of healthy young people including perfectly healthy athletes suddenly collapsing on the field and dying, or the “off the charts” miscarriages, fetal abnormalities, and fetal deaths.

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