January 2022

By Jonas Herby, Lars Jonung, and Steve H. Hanke

John Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise

This systematic review and metaanalysis are designed to determine whether there is empirical evidence to support the belief that “lockdowns” reduce COVID19 mortality. Lockdowns are defined as the imposition of at least one compulsory, nonpharmaceutical intervention (NPI). NPIs are any government mandate that directly restrict peoples’ possibilities, such as policies that
limit internal movement, close schools and businesses, and ban international travel. This study employed a systematic search and screening procedure in which 18,590 studies are identified that could potentially address the belief posed. After three levels of screening, 34 studies ultimately qualified. Of those 34 eligible studies, 24 qualified for inclusion in the metaanalysis.
They were separated into three groups: lockdown stringency index studies, shelterinplaceorder (SIPO) studies, and specific NPI studies.

An analysis of each of these three groups support the conclusion that lockdowns have had little to no effect on COVID19 mortality.

More specifically, stringency index studies find that lockdowns in Europe and the United States only reduced COVID19 mortality by 0.2% on average. SIPOs were also ineffective, only reducing COVID19 mortality by 2.9% on average. Specific NPI studies also find no broadbased evidence of noticeable effects on COVID19 mortality.

While this metaanalysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted.

In consequence, lockdown policies are illfounded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.


Go here for an excellent article and news video titled: “The CDC is Finally Recognizing ‘Natural Immunity’ – Legislators Should Follow Suit”

Not exempting those with prior infection was always unfair; now it is unscientific as well.


CDC Admits Natural Immunity Trumps Vaccine Immunity — 5 Months After Touting Vaccines as Superior

Five months after issuing a statement that vaccine immunity protects against COVID better than natural immunity, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent a report showing the opposite is true, at least when it comes to the Delta variant.

A Jan. 19 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed natural immunity against COVID was at least three times as effective as vaccination alone at preventing people from becoming infected with the Delta variant.  (See link for article)

Important quote regarding higher hazard rates for hospitalization in the vaxxed:

“This is potentially a concerning finding in that it suggests the vaccine could be interfering with natural immunity,” Setty said.



Natural immunity gets another boost from two new U.S. studies

CDC and Johns Hopkins studies show strength and duration of natural immunity protection

Two newly released studies show the power of natural immunity following recovery from COVID-19 sickness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says:

“previous SARS-CoV-2 infection also confers protection against severe outcomes in the event of reinfection.”

Johns Hopkins found that natural immunity developed from prior variants reduced the risk of infection with the Omicron variant.  (See link for article)


  • natural immunity was six times stronger during the Delta wave than vaccination 
  • Dr. Makary states that “hybrid immunity” (“vaccinated” & infected) increases immunity by 3.8%, while Dr. Urso, on the other hand, states there’s no such thing as “super immunity.”  Natural immunity is robust, long-lasting, and sufficient. 
  • Makary believes we aren’t seeing new “vaccinations” because people are hardened by excessive government policies and are choosing to forgo the shots. He also states “no healthy child has ever died of COVID that we know of.”
  • The Omicron wave in Africa subsided quickly with modest hospitalizations because close to 80% had been previously infected by variants.
  • The CATO institute weighed in and stated that “universal vaccine mandates are irrational in ignoring naturally acquired immunity from infection and recovery…..If OSHA had reviewed the medical and scientific literature regarding the relative protection efficacy of natural immunity compared to “vaccination”, it is unlikely the agency would be successful in establishing a factual basis for forced “vaccination” of COVID-recovered individuals.  Given the trivial – if any – benefit to either the individual or the public from compelled “vaccination” of Covid-recovered individuals, that evidence of elevated adverse effects requires an especially high standard of proof by regulators to overcome.”
  • Dr. Makary states, “By firing staff with natural immunity, employers got rid of those least likely to infect others.” “It’s time to reinstate those employees with an apology.”
  • Makary states it’s time to rehire the fired for three reasons: it was unfair to begin with, we have therapeutics, and many have natural immunity. “The risk of somebody who has natural immunity getting hospitalized is 3 per 10,000,” which is identical to the risk of someone with hybrid immunity – so getting a booster did NOTHING to change hospitalization numbers.
  • Makary noted that public health officials are falsely reporting higher numbers of COVID deaths than reality shows, and cases have declined steeply.
  • It’s normal to have a massive influx of patients every winter from a number of respiratory pathogens, the problem this time is a massive staffing shortage.  One in five health care workers have left. 

Washington State was so short-staffed they told workers who had COVID to come back into work – even with symptoms.

  • There’s only been ONE death in 52,000 Omicron cases in the Kaiser CA study, which is LOWER than influenza.
  • The article then reported on a North Carolina man who said a hospital refused to carry out a kidney transplant because he’s unvaccinated against COVID-19. He is willing to “die free” rather than comply with their vaccine requirement. He’s had the coronavirus twice before and believes getting the vaccine should be a personal choice, not a requirement.  The hospital doesn’t care about science and is holding its ground. Sadly, this has been happening globally.  A three year old from Cyprus was also refused lifesaving surgery in three countries because his parents weren’t vaxxed.  Go here to send an email to your members of Congress to stop this violation of medical ethics.
  • Noah Carl noted in his review of the Danish study, that there’s no obvious need for people who have recovered from COVID to get vaccinated.

“The tricky part may be getting this message through to politicians.”

Illogical COVID madness continues…..

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