Wrongful Death – Agent Remdesivir.

“Be not afraid, but speak and don’t keep silent.” Acts 18:9

On December 27, 2022, my colleague and I filed our second Remdesivir Wrongful Death Lawsuit here in the State of Nevada, where we alleged that a Las Vegas hospital and its staff violated Nevada law, medical ethics, acted with negligence, and were motivated by financial incentives in their treatment of patients with COVID-19.

In November of 2020, a Nevada woman developed COVID-19 and was transported to the hospital with mild symptoms.  After providing their medical diagnosis, the physicians admitted her to a general medical room and placed her on a Bi-Pap machine to assist with her breathing.  Everything was normal for her on November 23.  For reasons unknown, those physicians started her on a 4-day course of the deadly drug Remdesivir.  (See link for article)



  • After being stabilized, for reasons unknown, they weaned her off the Bi-Pap machine and moved her into ICU.
  • Despite being stabilized, physicians intubated her because of ‘respiratory failure.’
  • Four days after her Remdesivir treatment she developed seizures, went into hypotensive shock with renal failure, and subsequently died.
  • Remdesivir has a frightening history and was pulled from a controlled trial for Ebola due to high death rates (53%).
    • Remdesivir is ineffective
    • Remdesivir is toxic and causes kidney poisoning, fluid in the lungs, organ damage, and death
    • Remdesivir received EUA designation in 2020 for COVID by the NIH panel, of which 9 had financial ties to Gilead Sciences – Remdesivir’s manufacturer.
  • Under EUA designation, a product can not be mandated by law.  Patients must provide consent including the fact:
    • they have a 99.7% chance of surviving COVID without it
    • their odds of dying increases exponentially if it is administered
    • odds of survival decrease exponentially when Remdesivir is combined with intubation
  • In this case, neither the patient nor the family were advised of or provided with this information
  • The patient was given Remdesivir as part of a protocol which enriched the hospital financially, affecting their professional judgement, yet hurt the patient
  • It is a violation of Nevada law to administer unnecessary medical treatment and without consent
  • Patients coming to the hospital are:
    • separated from family
    • declared to be in ICU even when they are not
    • told Remdesivir is the only available and safe treatment
    • told if they leave the hospital “against medical advice” their insurance will be voided
    • placed on a Bi-Pap machine at a high rate, making it difficult to breathe, and have their hands tied down so they can’t take it off their face
    • deemed “agitated” by a psychiatrist if they struggle and are placed on morphine
    • given Remdesivir, Benedryl, and Tylenol which dry out their lungs which overloads their kidneys and are denied food and water
    • often intubated and placed on other drugs that are contraindicated for use with Remdesivir
    • left to die, which on average takes about nine days
    • The state of Nevada received $1 BILLION from the CARES Act
      • $241 MILLION in direct cash payments were distributed to Medicare providers
      • $88 MILLION was given in grant funding from CDC to be used for enhanced testing and contact tracing
      • $70 MILLION was distributed to health care providers and community health services to address costs associated with the pandemic
  • Hospitals can charge THREE different rates for COVID diagnosed patients (which have varied between 2020-2022)
    • $3,200 per out patient
    • $111,213 per in patient (noncomplex)
    • $461,780 per patient (complex) 
    • All that is required to move a patient from noncomplex to complex is to be intubated or placed in ICU status
    • Medicare has provided a code that permits a 20% NCTAP bonus, collected on the entire bill, distributed to hospitals who offer Remdesivir as an exclusive option


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