Dec. 27, 2022

The Hill

Robby Soave weighs in on revelations that the Department of Homeland Security appears to be doubling down on its effort to curb free speech by influencing big tech platforms. #bigtech #freespeech #DHS

It appears that censorship is “the new normal” with the U.S. desperately wanting to emulate China despite its  failed Zero-COVID policy with CCP leaders now sick and dying from COVID despite high “vaccination” rates, mandatory mask wearing and lockdowns, clearly demonstrating the futility of these endeavors.

Demonstrating the vast censorship, the following clip has independent journalist and Grayzone founder Max Blumenthal and American journalist Wyatt Reed sitting down with Clayton Morris to discuss how they were disinvited to the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal which brings together 70,000+ people and companies that are “redefining the tech industry.” It’s also called “Davos For Geeks.”

http://  (Approx. 35 Min)

Dec. 25, 2022

Scroll to 4:00 to hear about what is behind the Web Summit – the severe conflicts of interest between governments and tech companies.  Ukranian President, Volodymyr Zelensky’s wife personally lobbied for Grayzone’s disinvitation, threatening that commercial interests would pull out of the conference.  Both China and Ukraine have had complete control over the information space for ages.  Grayzone continues to expose media liesshady Western aid, and leaked documents, which the establishment considers a threat. The journalists simply need to be eliminated so questions aren’t asked.   It now appears the U.S. desires this same complete control over information as the leaked documents reveal.

The following video highlights why Grayzone had to disappear from the summit:


Max Blumenthal & Aaron Mate Slam Mainstream Media Disinfo at Collision Toronto

At the Collision tech conference in Toronto on 6/21/22, before a hostile audience filled with members of the corporate press, The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate explain how the mainstream media is the most prolific source of disinformation on the planet, working closely with the national security state to cultivate public support for war while deflecting scrutiny from the oligarchy that controls it.

All of this must be understood as it affects everything reported by mainstream media including Lyme/MSIDS, COVID, masks, politics, public health, everything.  

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Censorship is the last tool of tyrants
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