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Indoor Vaccine Mandates in US Cities, Vaccination Behavior, and COVID-19 Outcomes

During the pandemic, many of the largest cities in the United States introduced vaccine mandates. Their goal? To increase the number of people being vaccinated, thereby limiting the spread of COVID-19.

In “Indoor Vaccine Mandates in US Cities, Vaccination Behavior, and COVID-19 Outcomes,” Vitor Melo, Elijah Neilson, and Dorothy Kemboi question the efficacy of these efforts in nine cities that implemented the mandates: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC.

Intended and Unintended Effects of Indoor Vaccine Mandates

City vaccine mandates were arguably among the most restrictive and polarizing regulations ever enacted in the United States. Millions of people were prevented from entering restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters, sports arenas, and other public indoor areas without proof of COVID-19 vaccination. The mandates negatively affected unvaccinated individuals and businesses that were not allowed to serve unvaccinated customers.

In New York City, for example:

  • More than 90 percent of restaurants reported having customer-related challenges, such as losing customers who objected to the mandate.
  • Three-quarters of restaurants reported staff-related challenges because of the city’s vaccine mandate.
  • 1,430 city workers were fired for failing to comply with the mandate.

Previous research has shown that similar country-level mandates increased vaccine uptake substantially. However, city-level mandates are easier to evade than country-level mandates because it is generally easier to travel to a neighboring city that does not have a mandate than to cross national borders.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Most supporters of the regulations claim that the benefits associated with the increase in vaccination rates as a result of the mandate—and its implied reduction in the spread of COVID-19—outweigh the costs of its disruptions. However, the authors find that indoor vaccine mandates had no significant impact on COVID-19 vaccine uptake, cases, or deaths across all nine cities that implemented the policy.

Key Takeaway

Public health restrictions and regulations were widespread during the COVID-19 pandemic, and so understanding their consequences is essential. The authors find that city-level mandates had smaller effect on vaccine uptake (and consequently on COVID-19 cases and deaths) than nationwide mandates— and thus failed to achieve their intended objectives.

We now know that instituting indoor vaccine mandates was almost certainly counterproductive. May that lesson not be soon forgotten. ~ Vitor Melo, study author



This paper ignores a key fact: the experimental gene therapy injections do not stop infection or transmission and are linked to more reports of adverse reactions and death than any other vaccines in the history of VAERS, making all of this null and void. In fact, according to a peer-reviewed study from Michigan State University the news is far worse: 278,000 Americans died of reactions to the jabs, in the first year alone.  An investigative journalist, using Our World in Data, estimates that the shots have caused 7.5 million deaths globally in addition to 27 million severe injuries.

Then there’s the well known fact that public health completely botched and mismanaged the pandemic on virtually every single point.

But the “vaccine” madness hasn’t ended. 

On March 23, 2023 a commanding majority including 10 judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Court, sitting en banc, affirmed the preliminary injection against Biden’s mandate for all federal workers to get the COVID shot.  While the mandate has been lifted in the military, Biden has not repealed it for federal workers.  Foreign travelers are also under still under the mandate.

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic is not allowed into the U.S. for a match because he hasn’t been “vaccinated” for COVID, despite having recovered from the virus in 2020.  His request for an exemption was refused, and he was famously deported from Australia in 2022 for the same reason.  This should prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is all COVID theatre as natural immunity has finally, albeit late, been recognized as superior to “vaccines.”  Further proving the lunacy, if Djokovic enters the country via boat, no COVID test or “vaccination” is required; however, if he takes an airplane – the jab is required.  Explain that one.

Plus the Biden has declared the COVID ‘pandemic’ to be over but we are all forced to sit around until the magical date of May 11That’s another one that defies explanation.



The Hill

March, 2023

Stanford Virality Project Exposed: True COVID Info Censored on Social Media

“Robby Soave elaborates on a new information as part of the Twitter Files, which unveil additional censor campaign to restrict Covid-19-related content. #covid #freespeech #taibbi.

And speaking of censorship and Taibbi, we now have proof that DHS’s CISA partnered with a censorship consortium called EIP to illegally censor Americans. During the 2020 election, EIP & CISA worked with GEC and ISAC to police political wrongthink on social media.  In 2/21, EIP rebranded itself the Virality Project and went on to censor COVID narratives that didn’t align with the government narrative. They targeted people giving 1st hand accounts of “vaccine” injuries, and negative thoughts about “vaccine” passports, as well as censored jokes and satirical memes.

We are warned this will only get worse unless Congress stops it, because in the past three years the government has granted more than 500 contracts and/or grants aimed at tackling “misinformation.”

And speaking of things getting worse, Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi received an unannounced visit at his home by an IRS agent right before he testified before Congress in what appears to be an attempt to intimidate a witness before Congress.

http://  Approx. 10 Min

Using the tax-payer’s dime, CDC and HHS offered $1 Million for research to create a tool to predict ‘Vaccine’ ‘Misinformation’ trends. A single applicant will receive an award ranging from $400,000 to $500,000 to develop “a forecasting model that aims to identify potential misinformation on vaccines and how it will affect people as it spreads on social media,” according to Fox News. The funding comes amid ongoing lawsuits challenging other federal government attempts to fight “misinformation” on constitutional grounds.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the conflicts of interest here.  The government has patents on vaccines, including the COVID clot shot, and now it’s giving tax dollars for research to counter and shut down all dissenting opinions that dare to threaten profits they stand to gain.  Government scientists also receive secret, undisclosed royalty payments.  It’s a handy-dandy relationship where corrupt agencies win and the taxpayer loses.

Again, this public health monopoly must be destroyed.  Research institutions, industry, and government have no business working together.

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