Allison Hanes: Situation in Montreal’s pediatric ERs is ‘like a horror film’

The strain keeps intensifying amid an unprecedented number of sick kids at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and CHU Ste-Justine. Can a new crisis cell formed by Quebec’s health minister help?

Hundreds of them arrive every day in Montreal’s pediatric emergency rooms, and more of them than usual are so ill that they need to be admitted.
Parents camp out overnight, waiting 16, 20, even 24 hours for their children to be seen, depending on the priority they are assigned during triage. Stretchers line hallways. Medical staff are working around the clock to care for more and sicker youngsters.
Across Quebec, emergency rooms are under siege as a hobbled health system is taxed by staff shortages, a lack of access to family doctors, an aging population and patients suffering from a range of ailments that may have gone unchecked during the pandemic.
The article goes onto state that one of the culprits for children is respiratory syncytial virus or RSV, a common, familiar infection doctors know how to treat that now is causing 10 times more cases than before the pandemic.  Pregnant moms and young children weren’t out and about getting exposed and passing on or developing immunity.
The article omits that fact the COVID shots set people up for respiratory illnesses as well as the fact the staffing shortages being faced directly relate to mandating the COVID shots for healthcare workers which have been linked to the deaths of at least 80 Canadian doctors.  It also fails to admit that Canada had one of the most tyrannical lockdowns in the world.
Another perfect example of the obvious flawed COVID policies that will have long-term effects on virtually everything, that pandemic authoritarians remain silent about, are attempting to deflect, and are offering no meaningful apologies or solutions to the very devastation they caused, but are asking for amnesty.

Stop the Infanticide!

Nov. 4, 2022

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) was updated today, and there are now 4,534 fetal deaths recorded in VAERS following COVID-19 vaccines given to pregnant and child-bearing women. (Source.)

And these recorded fetal deaths are but a fraction of the real number of unborn children who have died since the COVID-19 experimental vaccines were given emergency use authorization, as a previous report published for Department of Health and Human Services stated that fewer than 1% of all vaccine adverse events are actually reported to VAERS. (Source.)

Three of these fetal deaths have followed the new Bivalent COVID-19 booster shots from Pfizer and Moderna, including a 26-year-old woman from Arizona who developed breast cancer following the vaccine, and chose to have chemotherapy and terminate the life of her unborn child.  (See link for article)



Please know that for 30 years prior to the EUA for COVID gene therapy shots, there have been 2,245 reported fetal deaths for ALL FDA-approved vaccines, or about 75 deaths per year.

A whistleblower nurse shared an email showing 500% increase in stillbirths following the COVID shots and that the trend is expected to continue.  See article link for:

  • Dr. Campbell’s report on increase neonatal deaths in Scotland
  • Dr. James Thorp (OBGYN) explain “off the charts” sudden fetal death and adverse pregnancy outcomes”.
  • Toronto-area casket manufacturer now ordering children’s coffins in bulk due to sudden demand.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mumper states “For a first-trimester woman to get this injection, they have more of a chance of having a miscarriage or stillbirth than if they were to actually take an abortifacient.”
  • Birth rates around the world are dropping


“I Want It Stopped Now!”: OB/GYN Dr. James A. Thorp Presents Alarming Stillbirth Data

Published October 23, 2022

“We’ve basically shown using government data that there is undeniable, irrefutable evidence that the vaccine is killing my patients, my women of reproductive age, my pregnant women, my pre-born babies, and my newborn babies. And I want it stopped and I want it stopped now!”

From the 10.22.2022 Florida COVID Summit

For more:

The CDC manipulates, hides, and dumps data whenever it disagrees with their accepted narrative. They’ve been doing this in Lymeland for over 40 years.  The CDC rigs the system for their own vested interests.
Time to break the public health monopoly and engage in a CDC/FDA/NIAID walkaway movement.  The CARES Act has been used to take away doctor and patient choice and freedom, and cause hospitals to become the new modern day killing fields where hospitals tyrannically refuse to allow patients have life-saving treatment because the CARES Act provides for a government-led monopoly on medicine described by many as “brutal and deadly COVID treatment protocols” that don’t work, are expensive, and are dangerously toxic.
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