It Is Time to Reboot Public Health

James Lyons-Weiler, IPAK
Editor In Chief at Science, Public Health Policy, and the Law

As the public wakes up to the stark reality that our society’s response to COVID19 has far done more damage than the SARS-CoV-2 virus, with over one trillion dollars lost from the US economy, hundreds of thousands of small businesses closed, 50% of which will never re-open, people raiding their retirement funds; most of Big Medicine posting massive losses due to suspension of all but Emergency Medicine and infectious disease treatment, it is a fair question to ask: how did we get where we are? Clearly the virus did not close businesses, nor lead to the deaths of despair associated with unexployment, anxiety and depression due to policy responses to COVID19.

A more important question is: how to we get out of this mess?

First, let’s recap. Nothing lines up with logic; instead, all signs point to crimes against humanity conducted in the name of pushing a narrative that leads to a vaccination program to save humanity from COVID19.

January 2020: CDC refuses an accurate, validated PCR test from Germany.

Jan/February 2020: CDC develops and ships a flawed test, preventing meaningful containment of COVID19 via contact tracing. This is not reported until March 2020. (Washington Post, Forbes, MIT Technology Review). CDC reports the tests are corrected by ignoring the results of one set of primers, but later claims the problem is the test is too sensitive. Anyone who has designed PCR amplification reactions (I have) would know that this makes zero sense in the world of PCR.

February: Chris Meekins, former HHS official, reports to Sinclair that CDC has lied to HHS Sec. Azar about the accuracy and readiness of CDC COVID-19 testing.

March 2020: FDA allows EUAs for commercial tests. CDC continues to act as the central validation authority for commercial tests – comparing them against their flawed test.

June 2020: WebMD reports early CDC tests kits were “likely contaminated“. This is likely incorrect; the test kits, more likely than not, are flawed in their basic design and report false positives due to CDC’s insistence on having their “own” test way back in January.

July 2020: Dr. Sin Hang Lee publishes unequivocal results showing “CDC+” and “CDC-” are not “SARS-CoV-2 positive” and “SARS-CoV-2 negative. One-quarter (1/4) of reference samples sent to labs so they can validate commercial PCR tests are mislabeled.

July 2020: Sanjay Gupta announces on CNN that CDC Director Redfield told him that we need a viable COVID-19 testing program in the US. Gupta responds: “You’ve got to be kidding me”.

June-July 2020: Dr. Anthony Fauci dismisses Hydroxychloroquine for treatment of COVID19.

June 14th 2020: Dr. Meryl Nass reports that a Lancet study on critically ill COVID19 patients used lethal doses of Hydroxychloroquine. The study is retracted, but FDA revokes the EUA of Hydroxychloroquine anyway.

June 2020: FDA’s revocation of the EUA for use of HCQ to treat COVID19 was also done in spite of 66 Studies the balance of which show that Hydroxychloroquine is effective if used early in combination with zinc; one fraudulent study retracted from The Lancet used lethal doses on late-stage COVID-19 patients.

June 2020: CDC reports they had overestimated COVID19 cases by double-counting patients who had tested positive via PCR and antibody tests (New York Times).

All along this time line, full-time apologist and explainer Anthony Fauci called for “no investigation” into the early flawed CDC test, insisting that long-term, double-blinded placebo-controlled studies on HCQ were needed (in spite of it being touted as a ‘wonder drug’ against SARS in the 2000s (See: ” Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread“, 2005 – which cited 318 times in the scientific literature).

The American public is convinced that CDC’s policy of wearing cloth masks is worthwhile- when studies actually show that cloth masks do not provide robust protection, and masking outside of the healthcare setting does not reduce viral transmission. (Think about it: CDC says 16 layers of cloth masks are recommended, we are wearing paper-thin disposable single-layer non-medical masks; in BSL3 and 4 labs multiple layers and medical masks with aspirators, face shields, hair nets, etc and full body PPEs are needed to protect against aerosolized virions).

While we may convince ourselves that wearing masks is worthwhile even if it only helps a little – we forget that the use of Hydroxychloroquine could be justified if the same is true in preventing ourselves and others from transmitting the virus. In reality, however, the evidence of early-use HCQ with zinc in early stage COVID19 is far, far stronger than the support that masking outside of the healthcare setting is worthwhile.

Time for a CDC/NIAID/FDA Walk-Away Movement

Medical doctors speaking out in support of HCQ are being persecuted and silenced. Dr. Simone Gold, the Los Angeles-based physician and member of America’s Frontline Doctors, was fired for speaking out about her medical opinion in opposition to FDA’s revocation of the EUA for the drug.

Regulatory agencies in the US are captured by corporations, with revolving door policies, financial entanglements – including the CDC Foundation, which received >$20M/yr from pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines; FDA, which receives most of their revenue from fees from filings from Pharmaceutical companies, and the NIH, which receives donations through their own foundation. These arrangements have proven fatal to US citizens to the tune of over 156,000 deaths (we are told, but who knows?) AND fatal to the US Economy – making Public Health infrastructure as it is currently configured a serious threat, ironically, to Public Health.

We need a reboot. What would that reboot look like?

Semi-Autonomous, Adaptively Flexible Research Science

The SAAFR Science model is a public health and bioattack response network made of 80 nodes, distributed geographically across the US. Each node is funded to ideaize biothreats and responses ahead of their manifestation and to conduct research on Instant Readiness. To reduce groupthink and social pressure to conform to some majority consensus, members of this purposively redundant collection of research nodes are not allowed to work together administratively or scientifically. They may or may not publish their research, depending on sensitivity. Their role is to have ready-made proposed solutions to existing and future biothreats, taking into full consideration the costs of indirect “fall-out” consequences of those solutions.

Thes solutions are to be communicated to every Senate committee, upon request of the President of the United States Senate (or the President pro tempore in his or her absence). Each Senate committee will prepare a report reviewing the costs and benefits of each independent proposed solution. The collection of reports will be reviewed by the US Senate Intelligence Committee, which will make final – and binding- recommendations to the President of the United States.

None of the nodes of the SAAFR Science network may have direct or indirect financial entanglements with stakeholders that stand to profit from the implementation of specific response options. The employees of SAAFR are prohibited, by contract, from personally profiting from the response options they envision or report.

This approach

(1) Removes all perverse incentives connected to vital responses to biothreats.

(2) De-politicizes the process of biothreat response

(3) Uses the power of parallel solution generation and information processing in a manner similar to a multiple-layered neural network

(4) Allows the solution sets to be considered in light of projected costs in overt and explicit terms of human pain and suffering from the biothreat AND due to unintended consequences.

It’s time to walk away from the current uniquely American form of corporatist fascism. It’s time for SAAFR Science.


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