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My Review:

Red flags immediately go up when someone calls it “Lymes Disease,” because it announces the fact they are ignorant of the fact it all started in the town of Lyme, Connecticut with a cluster of cases in children who were misdiagnosed with juvenile arthritis (JA).  It’s Lyme disease, named after the town of Lyme.  Please go here for an excellent video by an experienced Lyme literate doctor on the history of Lyme disease, of which manifestations began long before this cluster of children.  Go here for a summary of the video and other important facts important to understand that not mentioned in Biomante’s  article that explain the sordid backstory, the reason Lyme/MSIDS research being used is fraudulent, and completely biased, the flagrant conflicts of interest within the agencies controlling the Lyme narrative, and The Cabal doing the only accepted research that does not take into account global research and independent research showing the organism persists despite treatment.

Regarding cases, this article is way off.  Reporting has been a problem from the beginning as the surveillance criteria has such a high bar that hardly anyone meets it.  Getting a positive on the 2-tiered CDC testing is akin to winning the lotteryThe world at large now knows that Lyme is woefully under-reported.  Nobody has a clue about coinfections.  To continue to regurgitate these unrealistically low numbers doesn’t help anyone and only demonstrates ignorance.  I also don’t appreciate the same mythology regarding where Lyme exists.  This has also been a problem and is a perfect example of bad science continuing to be used. Lyme is literally everywhere.  That’s all you need to know.  Don’t continue to downplay this.  It’s a plague of biblical proportions.

Regarding the research at the University of Connecticut finding only 53% had Bb and were misdiagnosed with Lyme arthritis, this too remains highly dubious.  All testing for this illusive organism is abysmal – plus current two-tiered CDC testing only tests for ONE strain when there are 100 strains and counting in the U.S. alone.  More are found on a regular basis.  Testing won’t pick of any of these other strains.  All parameters for case numbers are faulty.  

He announces that there is “hysteria” regarding the disease.  This immediately raises my blood pressure.  He truly is clueless.  This continued downplaying of a life-shattering, complex illness has been going on for over 40 years due to vested interests and faulty science needs to end.  The “untreatable form of Lyme disease could hit 2 million Americans,” and that isn’t even taking into account global numbers.  Lyme disease is more prevalent than AIDS, breast cancer, West Nile virus, H1N1, and Ebola.  He doesn’t mention that Lyme is congenitally transmitted and there is evidence being ignored that it is also sexually transmitted.

Biamonte’s description of the symptoms also shows his inexperience.  Lyme can virtually look like anything and mimic some 300-different diseases.  While some get the EM rash, many don’t.  The rash can also look quite differently on patients.  Strain diversity appears to make a difference regarding symptoms, with some strains causing more skin manifestations and some causing more joint manifestations – regardless, it is wrong to attempt to put this monster in a neat four-cornered box.  Further, ticks are migrating everywhere, intermingling, and nobody has a clue what that is going to do to strain diversity and symptomology.  Again, this hasn’t been studied in decades because according to The Cabal, it’s a done deal.  No further science required. 

Can you think of any other disease in which this attitude of ignorance is allowed and accepted?

I would also urge caution in blaming the black legged tick as the sole perp.  Since Bb and its many strains and all the coinfections are extremely fastidious organisms, early work as been done and then used again and again and again for decades.  Time for new, independently done science with new methods.  We desperately need transmission studies as the ones being used are decades old.  Ticks all bite, exchange fluids and have the potential to transmit diseases.  Don’t diminish the tick’s ability to side-line your life with things you never even knew existed!

The explanation of the 3 stages of the life cycles of ticks is also simplified.  It is known ticks can partially feed, drop off, and then transmit much more quickly  to the next victim.  We know ticks can parasitize each other. We know that ticks can survive harsh environments by burying under leaf litter and snow (or anything else they can find like wood chips in a playground). They also go through a hibernation period called diapause.  Ticks can also pass on infections to their offspring. There is much we don’t know – especially regarding transmission.

I would caution against using percentages of infected ticks to prove a point.  Remember, it only takes ONE tick, ONE bite, and your life could be changed forever.  Each tick is a potential bomb capable of infecting you with 19 and counting diseases.

The regurgitation that a tick must be attached for 36-48 hours to transmit infection is based on faulty science.  Minimum times for infection have never been determined.  It also does not take into account the fact pathogens have been found in the salivary glands, suggesting a much quicker transmission time, and that ticks often partially feed, drop off, and can infect you quicker.  Very old research is being used again, and again, and again, when reality has shown people getting infected within a few hours.  This mythology continues to downplay a modern-day scourge by using ancient data.  Some tick-borne infections can be transmitted within minutes.  Many of them look just like Lyme.  Another mistake is to focus solely on Lyme.  In my experience Babesia, Bartonella, and Mycoplasm are as bad if not worse than Lyme.  If you are infected with a few of these suckers at once, you are one sick dog.  And in my experience, this is the norm.

The section on “Lyme Disease Symptoms” again demonstrates this man’s inexperience.  Hardly anyone I know fits his limited list.  Again, research has shown the EM rash to be highly variable, and hardly ANYONE I work with has seen it.  Most also haven’t seen the tick.  Patients and their doctors often work completely in the dark, and what often happens is over time is bizarre unexplainable symptoms start cropping up more and more until life becomes unbearable.  At this point Bb and coinfections are virtually everywhere in the human bodyheavily entrenched and therefore, harder to treat.  This is reality. 

Also, people can jump from stage to stage in no particular order.  Some will experience psychiatric symptoms IMMEDIATELY and never have the rash, fever, joint pain, etc. 

In Stage II, Biamonte states about 10% will experience transient heart dysfunction.  Again, it’s very unwise to use percentages when testing misses a preponderance of cases and the organism is elusive. This study found an increasing burden of Lyme carditis in U.S. children’s hospitals.  Many are questioning if there could be subclinical cardiac involvement in early Lyme with children, and that’s another fly in the ointment.  Most testing won’t pick up problems with these patients because their symptoms are subclinical, yet they are severe to the patient. If I had a nickel for every time a patient told me the test didn’t find anything, I’d be a rich woman.  Just because testing didn’t reveal something, doesn’t mean something isn’t there.  This is truly the norm with tick-borne illness.  I didn’t start having heart issues until we started treating for Babesia and then all of a sudden, BOOM!  It felt like I was having a heart attack.  This is another reality.  Until you start utilizing anti-microbials, the immune system is confused and unable to deal with these infections because they fool the immune system by changing their outer surface proteins to look like the good guys.  Further, so many are misdiagnosed that percentages are meaningless.  Seriously.  Meaningless.  There are thousands out there who have Lyme carditis who have completely fallen through the cracks.  Thousands.

He states symptoms will decrease in weeks to months WITHOUT treatment.  It’s obvious he is reading Wormser and other Cabalist’s research as this is what they believe; however, in the real world symptoms wax and wane but never totally go away, and left untreated with only become more entrenched in the body.  Again, this illness often takes years to unravel.  Waxing and waning is a marquee symptom with tick-borne illness, but without treatment it will metastasize everywhere in the human body.  There is a connection with Lyme/MSIDS and cancer as well as brain diseases like ALS, dementia, Alzheimer’s, MS, etc.  Left untreated, the parasites will continue to live off the host weakening it year by year until they are a shell of themself. 

He states 10% will suffer chronic arthritis.  Let me be clear: nobody has a clue about the prevalence of arthritis in these poor patients.  Not a clue.  Putting this in a box, unless it’s Pandora’s is the biggest mistake being made. 

Regarding treatment, he omits to mention that even people diagnosed and treated early can require further treatment as symptoms return.  This is very common. 

He mentions direct testing being a “low-yield” procedure as so few organisms are found, but that “surely someone, somewhere is working to develop such an early test, probably based upon the DNA of the microorganism.”  This too shows the ignorance of the history of the suppression of direct detection techniques.  In fact a test has been found to be highly accurate but our corrupt public health “authorities” monopolize testing, and have done unethical things against competitors for decades.  Public health owns the patents on the organisms, the tests, the treatments, and the vaccines.  It’s a business, not a public health agency concerned with healthThis is imperative to understand.

He does mention the success of metronidazole or one of the other 5-nitroimidazoles in heavier does for a longer period of time.  I would agree, but never as a mono therapy.  Savvy Lyme literate doctors have learned from vast experience with thousands upon thousands of patients to layer treatment, never utilizing a mono therapy, to avoid antibiotic resistance.  Again, coinfections are common place and require different medications including anti-protozoan meds, anthelmintics, and more. The potential for candida should also be taken into account and dealt with.

Regarding the use of colloidal silver for Lyme, I completely disagree. This recent study shows stevia, Andrographis, Grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver, monolaurin, and antimicrobial peptide LL37 didn’t do diddly.  Keep in mind this work is done in vitro – or in a lab, not the human body – although this follows my personal experience as well. This 2004 study shows that 3 samples of colloidal silver of 22 ppm and two samples of 403 and 413 ppm in an agar-well diffusion assay showed ZERO effect on the growth of test organisms but ALL were sensitive to ciprofloxacin.  Silver at 22ppm showed NO bactericidal activity in phenol coefficient tests.

The patients he mentions have already been treated with many antibiotics and have developed candida issues (not uncommon).  He doesn’t mention how long these patients were treated, which would be helpful to know.  Please know that a wise treatment would address candida along the way.  We took fluconazole twice a week throughout our treatment course along with a low or no sugar diet. 

I personally know patients that used silver and the result was they ended up wheel-chair bound.  They only worsened and worsened. 

He mentions research done in the 90’s showing that colloidal silver killed Bb after 24 hours of exposure.  The other research mentioned is from the 70’s.  If it was so effective, much more would have been done and trust me, desperate patients and the doctors who dare treat them would be using it, and they are not.  To claim that silver is virtually non-toxic is also premature.  Little has been done on it – particularly using it over long periods of time.  Again, metals are not harmless and accumulate in the body.  

I’m a huge proponent of using silver topically on wounds, etc.  Hospitals have shown the effectiveness of this substance for decades for cleaning and sterilizing objects topically.  Sometimes I will even use it to ward off a cold by spraying it on my throat for a few days.  Sometimes it appears to work and other times it doesn’t, which is only my personal observation.

Some claim that utilizing it along with antibiotics, potentiates the antibiotics.  My concern would be putting metals in a body already struggling.  Metals, after all, accumulate.  In fact, many Lyme/MSIDS and autism patients improve by using chelation which removes heavy metals. 

He states that artemisia has been used effectively for Lyme.  I would disagree.  This is an anti-malarial medicine that has action against Babesia, which is a cousin to malaria – a protozoan.  Due to the repeated mistakes in his article and the downplaying of the seriousness of this complex illness, I question his experience with not only being able to identify coinfections and their symptomology, but also the importance of treating each infection with specific antimicrobials that have action against it.

From clinical observation, Cat’s Claw is effective against Lyme; however, there is debate in the herbal world about the need for TOA free vs the whole herb.  Again, I’m not qualified to enter this debate, but Master herbalists write on it with conviction both ways.  In the end, we often are forced to experiment to determine the truth of the matter and even then patients often have different findings, reminding us of the complexity of the human body.  In the end, whatever works for you – USE IT! 

While it is wise is to rotate meds, savvy Lyme literate doctors have a method to their madness and pay close attention to the life-cycle of the organism as well as the plateaus patients experience.  Rotating, while important to guard against drug resistance, it is also important to layer treatments so they work synergistically together – also negating resistance and effectively dealing with coinfections and candida.

I have used Banderol and Biocidin with little effect.  I’m sure others have had a better experience, but one again – treatment should always be an individualized approach. 

Regarding length of treatment, one of the wisest, most experienced LLMD’s in Wisconsin (RIP) told me that in the 70’s when he treated this illness they labeled a “rickettsial” like illness –  as it wasn’t even named yet, he found that a few months to a year of treatment appeared to work.  He now states treating this takes YEARS – like 3-5 years.  So, according to this wise, experienced doctor, things have changed making this harder to treat.  Perhaps coinfection involvement has become more of a problem than in the past.

Please remember that according to the article, most of the patients Biamonte treats are seeing him for Candida AFTER they have already been treated for Lyme/MSIDS.  This would explain why he is perhaps seeing success after only one year.  They’ve already been treated, perhaps for years by someone else.  They have successfully beaten down and reduced the infection load and are now struggling with Candida, immunoconfusion, and the last vestiges of infections that have already been hit hard by antibiotics. 

Finally, it’s important to remember that this doctor is seeing patients that are suffering with significant blow-back.  His experience is going to be biased in this direction.  I wish he would stick with helping people recover from treatment that out of necessity is harsh (until something else is discovered) but not superimposing his beliefs that the treatments are wrong, or that colloidal silver is the answer to all our woes.

The fact that these patients are recovering in a year shows me that these patients are well on their way to health but need specialized help in dealing with damage caused by either the infections themselves, the harsh treatment required, or a combination of both. This problem is also quite common.

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