Approx. 43 Min.

The History of Lyme Disease

Dr. Burrascano explains and debunks much of what is accepted and blindly promoted in main-stream medicine about Lyme.

For a summary of the video go hereGo here for an article that presents a bird’s-eye view of the entire issue.

He also shares what he discovered worked with patients, including himself, often by trial and error.

Important takeaways:

  • Burrascano found that blood levels of various drugs in some patients was low or even undetectable.  In other words, the level of doxycycline in the blood for instance, was too low to kill anything, which helps explain why some fail antibiotic therapy.  (Scroll to 17:30 for this information.)  He also cringes because the CDC guidelines state all patients should receive 200mg of doxycycline, which sets some patients up for failure.  Doctors should do blood levels on patients to determine if it’s working.
  • He, as well as ILADS, recommends being symptom-free for 2-4 months before stopping treatment.  Then, wait until symptoms return and go back on treatment.  This is called Cycling.  He found that cycling 3-4 times typically worked for most patients.  Ironically, the 3rd cycle yielded the worst herx.  Pam Weintraub wrote about this in, “Cure Unknown:  Inside the Lyme Disease Epidemic,” way back in the 90’s, yet few doctors do this.
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