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The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) is overwhelmed and understaffed with the amount of injury claims being filed from the Covid-19 “Vaccines”. The program is now on life support and is on the verge of collapse.

  • Thousands of “vaccine” injured may not receive payment from federal programs any time soon
  • Congress has failed to act
  • Del BigTree goes through the history of the kangaroo court for “vaccine injuries” and shows the dark backstory and how an expert did find an mechanism in which vaccines can cause autism but was removed from representing the HHS.
    • Prior to COVID, mainstream media stated that “vaccines” were safe and effective no matter what.
    • Due to the unsafe and ineffective COVID shots, mainstream medicine is now admitting some people do in fact get hurt or even die after injections.
  • Current VAERS report on the COVID shots are given
  • Members of UK Parliament push for the COVID-10 “Vaccine” Damage bill
  • Watch this short video on how the ACIP votes for vaccines with virtually no data.  Video Here (Approx. 2 Min)

Playing Russian Roulette: The NHS Data Tells You All You Need to Know

Dr. Richard Urso explains that taking the COVID shots is like playing Russian Roulette. Please remember that the shots are under EUA which means they are currently in  clinical trials where data is being collected.  Like any other study there are different arms to the ongoing studies which includes varying doses, and a placebo (or other “vaccine”), and a researcher has discovered that there are deadly injection batches.

“92% of the deaths in England have been in the triple-vaccinated. 52 times higher risk in deaths in kids from 10 to 14, and the data’s pretty — thank God for the National Health Service data that’s actually been helpful. Our CDC has been a complete, fabricated bunch of lies …” ~ Dr. Urso  (Approx. 12 Min)

The Dark Truth of America’s “Vaccine” Court

Stew Peters interviews Wayne Rohde, father of a vaccine injured child who explains how not ONE COVID shot injury has been compensated, as well as the dark history of the court.  Also see these videos for more on the court.

The answer of course is to make “vaccine” manufacturers liable again.

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