Horowitz: 5 ways DOD’s recalibrated health surveillance data looks like a fraudulent attempt to cover vaccine injury


For the past two months, and possibly even earlier, the Defense Health Agency’s Armed Forces Health Surveillance Division has been systematically changing the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) health surveillance data for active-duty soldiers without any transparency. Where are the congressional inquiries?

On Jan. 24, attorney Thomas Renz brought three named military doctors as whistleblowers to Sen. Ron Johnson, and many more who submitted private affidavits, attesting to the fact that DMED showed a massive increase in numerous diagnosis codes ranging from cancers, blood disorders, and heart ailments to strokes, nervous system disorders, and reproductive issues. They attested in sworn statements that the increase in the data reflected their clinical experience in the military over the past year and is, in their professional opinion, the result primarily of mass vaccine injury from the COVID shots.

In a bizarre twist, the military went on to change the data in the ensuing days without ever conducting a formal investigation into what went wrong or releasing a statement to the public. Rather, a week later, in a terse statement to PolitiFact, of all places, officials claimed the high numbers for 2021 were indeed correct, but that there was a glitch in the data for 2016-2020 used by the whistleblowers to establish a baseline, rendering those years way too low.

A four-page document the DOD submitted in Navy SEAL 1 vs. Austin to Florida federal Judge Douglas Merryday provided more information. In that document, officials make it clear that the 2021 numbers were accurate, that the glitch for 2016-2020 only presented itself from September 2021 through the end of January 2022, following a “server migration” last August, that the new data was corrected on Jan. 29, 2022, that DMED was restored the following day, and that by Feb. 2, they had recreated the proper data. That document is extremely terse, alleges no formal investigation, contains no letterhead, and is completely unsigned.

Yet numerous data points suggest that the government is lying about this narrative. Indeed, data was changed numerous times, 2021 data in some instances was slid backwards, and other data points demonstrate that the current data is corrupt. (See link for article)



Yet another instance of data being manipulated in an under-handed way to fit an accepted narrative.

Yet, Biden is seeking $22.5 BILLION for ‘Boosters for All’ despite lack of efficacy, safety concerns, data manipulation, and other serious issues.

The article is thorough and utilizes graphs showing DMED “fixes” before and after for the following conditions:

  1. Pericarditis – the “fixed” data are implausible because baseline is far too high as well as that there was absolutely zero increase either from COVID or the shots, which has already been proven.  Further, a whistleblower pulled data prior to 2016 and found the data matches the baseline found by whistleblowers and makes the “fixed” version out of sync with history.
  2. Myocarditis – again, rewinding to the previous 10-year baseline shows the “unfixed” version is closer to the original untampered-with data.  Interestingly the “glitches” only shadow the points the whistleblowers make at the time they make it.  Further, number slid backwards and they changed the numbers multiple times during the same month which contradicts four assertions in the court document that they didn’t know about the glitch until Renz’s testimony and that changes were ALL fixed at once in Jan.
  3. Infertility – Renz presented data that was pulled earlier in January by the military doctors showing a 472% increase in female infertility diagnoses in 2021.  When the DHA “fixed” the data, they massively increased the numbers for the previous five years, but they changed it at least three times! Whistleblowers found when they pulled the data before the Johnson hearing, that it had been tampered with several times.  The congressional report is from a year prior to their glitch data, so that data, according to their own narrative, should be correct and would corroborate the numbers from the whistleblowers.
  4. 38% increase in strokes – even after DHA changed most of the data, this STILL shows a 38% increase over the five-year average. Again, government workers changed the data numerous times before they allegedly knew about the glitch.  Whistleblowers, on condition of anonymity, attested to dealing with an unusual number of young, healthy stroke victims who suffered recent strokes, aneurysms, and other neurological damage.  The military has not investigated this.
  5. Exponential increase in “vaccine” injury diagnoses codes –  even after all the DHA data changes, three ICD codes for various types of “vaccine” injury still show anywhere from a 6-17 fold increase in 2021 over the previous 5 years, which harmonizes very well with the VAERS data that show a 10-fold increase in reported deaths and hospitalizations from the shots, except the DMED data are actually from military doctors who identified vaccines as a possible cause of melody.

It is clear that the government’s current data appears to be fraudulent and based on what we already know from VAERS, excess mortality rates, and insurance data around the world, there clearly is a degree of vaccine injury that is not being reported. The totality of the DMED data still shows these concerns in many categories. At the same time, the data is now completely sabotaged. The concern of vaccine injury and a damaged health surveillance system are vital to national security and are equally as problematic. Yet, our government wants us to believe that the first problem doesn’t exist and the second problem was instantly fixed. Clearly, there is more to the story.

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