One thing is clear about the revelation of the 2021 military epidemiological data and the military’s response to it: There is undoubtedly a public health and national security crisis in the military, and the Pentagon’s reaction only seems to be concerned with exonerating the vaccine, not fixing its own alleged problem.

It’s now certain that the military’s health surveillance system — DMED — showed a massive increase in sickness and injury diagnoses in 2021 over previous years, particularly in the neurological, cardiovascular, oncological, and reproductive health categories. The military, in a very terse and cryptic statement to PolitiFact last week, admitted as much, but claimed without any further explanation that the data in the system accessed by several military doctors working with attorney Thomas Renz was only a “fraction” of the true numbers that existed. In the words of the Pentagon spokesman, it was a “glitch in the database.” Where those true numbers existed, why they weren’t in the system for five years, what exactly was in the system, and why the 2021 numbers were accurate according to the DOD account remain a mystery.

However, one by one, the military public health officials have been adding back random numbers to the 2016 through 2020 codes. I’m told by Renz and two of the whistleblowers that throughout the past week, they have queried the same data again, and in most of the ICD categories, they have found that the numbers from 2016 through 2020 were “increased” exponentially to look as though 2021 was not an abnormal year. This has been done without any transparency, any press release, any statement of narrative, and sloppily in a way that makes the already unbelievable narrative simply impossible to believe.  (See link for article)



  • The DOD magically and suddenly discovered 5 years of “false data” only after attorney Renz came forth with shockingly dramatic increases in medical diagnoses among the military.
  • According to Horowitz, the DOD is only concerned with downplaying any potential culpability of the vaccine, not explaining how military health data could be so wrong.
  • This means the CDC was looking at data for months that showed insane safety signals and did nothing about it, and somehow nobody in HHS or the DOD all along thought the data was a “glitch.”
  • Horowitz further states that there is no way the “new” data could be updated so quickly.
  • Just take a look at the two graphs, the first of which shows the original data of total outpatient diagnoses before the Pentagon changed it:

And here is the top-line tally for 2016-2020 based on the new numbers added:

  • The mysteriously sudden changes make 2021 look exactly in line with every other year, despite COVID and “vaccine” injuries
  • The initial data downloaded by military whistleblowers makes more more sense because it accommodates both COVID and “vaccine” injury,
  • The updated data is makes zero sense as all active duty soldiers are medically screened, and obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions are very rare among this healthy population. If there is truly over 20 million diagnoses every year in the military there is something seriously wrong.

Take a look at the data for nervous system diagnoses before the numbers were altered:

Look at the number of pulmonary embolism diagnoses before and after the DOD “fixed” the data. Blood clotting in the lungs is a clear consequence of the spike protein, which sticks to CD-147 receptors on blood vessels.

Here are the numbers before:

And here are the numbers after the DOD alteration:

  • How can a military of healthy young people have such a high baseline of pulmonary embolisms every year?
  • The DOD is so overprotective of the “vaccine” that it revised numbers to show zero increase in ailments that are universally understood to have increasedat least to some extent because of the “vaccine”.

Here is the original pericarditis data queried by the whistleblowers:

And here is the new data, which seem to indicate no unusual increase, even if we add in the missing month for 2021:

  • The silence both from the media and congressional members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees is astounding.
  • One of two things is true:
    • there was mass “vaccine” injury in the military
    • our military is very unhealthy and the Pentagon completely lost control over epidemiological surveillance of these health issues for years
Either way, it doesn’t look good.

Go here for another article titled, “Regarding the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database Data Dump: Database Artifact, Smoking Gun, or Something in Between” by Dr. Malone.

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