Harvard Chemist Found Guilty of Lying About Chinese Funding

In a win for the US Department of Justice’s China Initiative, Charles Lieber was convicted of hiding his financial ties to China from federal agencies.
Chloe Tenn
Dec 22, 2021

Yesterday, after deliberating for just under three hours, a Boston jury found renowned Harvard chemist and nanoscientist Charles Lieber guilty of lying to the US Defense Department and National Institutes of Health about financial support from a Chinese foreign talent program, reports ScienceThe verdict, which was unanimous, also convicted Lieber for failing to report income from the program on his federal income tax forms or to disclose a Chinese bank account that was used for the payments.  (See link for article)

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12/22/2021 / By Mike Adams

File all this under “true conspiracies.” See the two podcasts below for even more details on this breaking story. I went on the Alex Jones Show today for 5 segments to discuss this in more detail. Those segments will be posted below as they are available via Brighteon.

You need to listen to at least the Part 1 Situation Update podcast below to get up to speed (about 45 min) in order to get the full background on this story.

The quick summary summary of the story is that Harvard scientist Dr. Charles Lieber was convicted yesterday on all six counts after lying to authorities about receiving millions of dollars from communist China as he shared his groundbreaking technology with a Wuhan technology institute. (See Also arrested were two Chinese nationals, one was a female “academic” who was also a lieutenant in the People’s Liberation Army, and another person caught trying to smuggle biological weapons out of Boston’s Logan airport (MERS and SARS strains).

Dr. Lieber is a genius-level scientist who specializes in exotic nanowire technology and how it interfaces with human neurology and biology. (See link for article)


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So, it’s SARS, which is genetically engineered biowarfare agent to begin with. Second, it has gain-of-function properties, which makes it more lethal, more infectious. It has HIV in there. That was confirmed by an Indian scientist … and it looks like nanotechnology [has been used] … An MIT scientist who did a study found that it traveled 27 feet through the air. And that, I guess, was in lab conditions.

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