Trainee pilot from Suffolk died after mosquito bite, inquest hears

Oriana Pepper at the controls of an airplaneImage source, Family Photo
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Oriana Pepper’s family said she “loved nothing better than to go flying”

A trainee commercial airline pilot died after she was bitten by a mosquito and developed an infection that spread to her brain, an inquest heard.

Oriana Pepper, 21, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, died five days after she was bitten while in Antwerp, Belgium last July.

Suffolk’s senior coroner Nigel Parsley said it was an “unfortunate tragedy for a young lady who clearly had a wonderful career ahead of her”.

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I post this unfortunate story for a few reasons:

  • Ticks aren’t the only bugs that can kill you.
  • Location of the bite, IMO, is important.  If you are bitten on the head, neuro/cognitive issues can develop sometimes within hours.
  • This woman was prescribed antibiotics but had to go back to the hospital where she collapsed and died only three days later.
  • Cause of death was recorded as septic emboli in the brain by staphylococcus aureus which is abundant on the body and usually harmless, but is the leading cause of skin and soft tissue infections such as boils, furnuncles, and cellulitis.
  • The cause of death also mentioned an insect bite to the forehead also contributing.
  • The article says nothing about insect-transmitted pathogens or if they tested her for them but which probably played more of a role than is being given credit.
  • Lyme disease often mimics cellulitis.
  • Mosquitoes carry EEE, whicc can cause severe brain inflammation and has a mortality rate of 30%. Many who do recover continuing to have neurological problems. Six Wisconsin counties have reported cases in horses.

  • Mosquitoes also transmit Western equine encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, and West Nile Fever to humans.
  • Please see the following regarding mosquitoes and Lyme disease:

…results show that DNA of Borrelia afzelii, Borrelia bavariensis and Borrelia garinii could be detected in ten Culicidae species comprising four distinct genera (Aedes, Culiseta, Culex, and Ochlerotatus). Positive samples also include adult specimens raised in the laboratory from wild-caught larvae indicating that transstadial and/or transovarial transmission might occur within a given mosquito population.

BTW: the last study on the potential of other bugs transmitting Lyme (minus the German study on mosquitos) was done over 30 years ago.  And, while no spirochetes were isolated from the hamsters, antibodies were foundeven back then.

I would like to point out the extreme hypocrisy regarding antibodies. Regarding COVID, the PCR, an unmitigated disaster has been used daily for over two years to pick up antibodies. This faulty test which was never intended to diagnose patients has been used to quarantine people even if they aren’t sick.  When it comes to Lyme; however, finding antibodies in anything isn’t enough to prove infection.  Now why is that? 

One little detail is understanding the CDC owns patents on the very tests being used – demonstrating a clear conflict of interest. A few other details: the CDC only allows what serves its vested interests and conveniently disposes anything that doesn’t serve its purpose, and ignores science that doesn’t fit the accepted narrative. While blaming others, it blatantly and continually engages in “misinformation.”

Another ugly fly in the ointment is that according to Igor Kirillov, head of the Russian Armed Forces’ Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Unit, Ukrainian biological laboratories researched fever-carrying Aedes mosquitoes, the same genus of insects that the US is thought to have used to start a pandemic of type 2 dengue in Cuba in the 1970s and 1980s which killed 158 people and infected 345,000. The type 2 dengue had never been reported in the Caribbean region and the only location on the island free from the infection was the Guantanamo US military installation.

“The facts of the use of Aedes mosquitoes as biological weapons, exactly the same species with which the US Pentagon worked in Ukraine, were recorded in a class-action lawsuit by Cuban citizens against the US government and were submitted for reviewing of the signatories to the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological Weapons”, Kirillov said.  Source

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