Del Bigtree and Jeffery Jaxen

New details have emerged about the test used for #COVID19, highlighting serious inaccuracies in results and past comments by the tests’ creator doubting the accuracy of PCR testing.

German virologist Christian Drosten’s guidelines on detection of the novel coronavirus for the PCR tests was accepted after only 24 hours of surveillance before becoming the standard. His paper is now being contested and peer reviewed for the first time allowing for some shocking discoveries of error that would potentially render the PCR test completely useless.



Please watch entire video in link above.

I’ve posted on the inaccuracy of COVID testing many times and that it’s essentially meaningless, yet is being used for world-wide tyranny.  Many have gone so far as to state that COVID-19 is a ‘casedemic.’


I posted on the current demand for the retraction of the Corman-Drosten foundation paper, which has been challenged by 22 international scientists  here:

The Highwire video highlights a review report of the Corman/Drosten paper which states they have:

“identified concerning errors and inherent fallacies which render the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test USELESS.