Former Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli.

by Bushiri

AUTHOR’S NOTE: whilst reading the following, it would behoove the reader to bear in mind that President John Magufuli was one of the most popular African leaders of recent history. His support base amongst ordinary people was real and enormous, due to his genuine warmth, his determination to put the people first and to rid his country of corruption, fat cats and government idleness.

Just ask yourself: Which other leader anywhere in the world has ever voluntarily HALVED his own salary and given the other half to worthy causes? Magufuli did that, and a lot more besides, throughout his entire five-and-a-half-years’ presidency.

And such was his success at pulling his country up by the bootstraps that he was known locally, and affectionately, as “the bulldozer.”

It is almost one year now since the assassination of the world’s one and only sovereign leader who waged open warfare against the COVID-19 Cabal.

This is a first-hand account of the situation on the ground in Tanzania since the hit squad was sent in to eliminate the only leader who fought the Cabal and their ‘vaccines’ head-on, out in the open, from day one…

Within a few weeks of President Magufuli’s murder, his replacement, Samia Suluhu Hassan, a female World Economic Forum attendee, set about installing the Cabal’s COVID agenda. It was a thoroughly depressing experience. I know. I was there to see it.

Gone forever were Magufuli’s maskless smile and palpable warmth, replaced now by daily images of a cold, insentient president and her entire entourage all muzzled, as per the Cabal’s orders.

In rapid succession, in came the following:

  • a campaign of fear launched by the media

  • images of ‘COVID patients’ in hospitals

  • tight COVID controls at the country’s airports and borders

  • directives to force the public to wear face masks

  • face masks in all government buildings

  • a masked police force

  • masks in hospitals

  • antisocial distancing

  • masks in schools

  • masks in the streets

  • no handshakes

  • public transport forced to operate at half capacity

  • messages from government on our mobile phones, warning us about COVID and promoting the ‘vaccine’

  • palpable fear between old friends and families

  • import of COVID ‘vaccines’ banned under Magufuli

“She is poison,” were words often heard in the street when Tanzanians compared the new WEF-appointed president with Magufuli.

But then, after just one week, something happened. Something truly remarkable…
After just one week of all the fear and insanity, the people of Tanzania had had enough.

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I wrote previously about the beloved president of Tanzania, John Magufuli, RIP, and the fact the man had a PhD in Chemistry.  A bit of a prankster, he punked the WHO and proved the worthlessness of PCR for diagnosing by testing fruit, goats, sheep, and motor oil for COVID.  Nearly half came back positive.  He wouldn’t bow to the ‘powers that be’, went missing and died mysteriously.


  • Suffocating, masked Tanzanian police thew their masks in the trash.
  • The people on the street were having none of Hassan’s fear-mongering and were out in the streets engaging in peaceful, silent, civil disobedience – leaving everyone smiling.
  • All of Tanzania, 50 MILLION people,  simply stopped complying.
  • Children and workers are unmasked and the police don’t care.
  • Markets are full of smiling people buying and selling, hugging, and hand-shaking.
  • When the government ordered medical staff to launch ‘outreach programs” to educate the public they learned that the villagers apparently oblivious to COVID were fit, muscular, and healthy working under the fields day after day.  The doctor in charge quickly concluded that it was the medical staff that were the ones that needed a lecture on health.  They promptly got in their vehicles and drove away.