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Dr. Lee Merritt on COVID Shots

World War III has already started and the United States is losing due to the government-controlled mass Covid “vaccination” program that is devastating and will eventually decimate the health of Americans and especially critical sectors such as military, healthcare and law enforcement, warned Dr. Lee Merritt in this explosive interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. Already, mortality rates are skyrocketing across the country. And it is going to get worse, warns the prominent medical doctors who has studied biological warfare and was among the first doctors to sound the alarm about the dangers of the Covid injections. However, there are some things that victims of these injections can do to try to mitigate the damage, and Dr. Merritt has listed them on her website.

Dr. Lee Merritt, orthopaedic and spinal surgeon, past navy physician and surgeon, and past president of the American Physicians and Surgeons speaks frankly about COVID and the COVID injections being bioweapons.

For more:

  • Pfizer whistleblower states COVID shot is a bioweapon.
  • Doctor who is also a lawyer, researcher, inventor and author, states COVID injections are nothing more than the genetic code of the COVID-19 bioweapon. He also states that a “good” bioweapon doesn’t kill people but slowly demoralizes and harms them by causing “slow malicious diseases.”
  • Chinese scientist states COVID comes “from the lab.”
  • COVID spike protein sequence is a 100% match to a patented sequence by Moderna in 2016.
  • The NIH developed the spike protein in 2019, before the identification of COVID.
  • A doctor revealed in 2020 that the PCR test for COVID contains C8, present in all human DNA, which suggests is also present in COVID shots to to either delete or suppress C8, which the body will treat itself as foreign hostile material which will result in death or severe mental & physical impairment. This is in fact what is being seen, along with damaging both innate and adaptive immunity, severe blood clotting, chronic inflammation and cancer.
  • From 2003 to today the CDC has illegally held and maintained a patent on the virus and the test which means the CDC has an illegal monopoly, retrained trade, and violated both the Sherman and Clayton Acts.
  • Doctors for COVID Ethics flatly state the COVID shots are needless, ineffective, and dangerous.
  • COVID shots have had no measurable impact on mortality.
  • COVID shots don’t stop transmission or infection.
  • Studies used to push COVID shots, which have EUA designation and bypass standard safety testing and transparency, are flawed and have been shown to cause more harm than good based upon the proper scientific end point of all cause severe morbidity.
  • Novel Prize winner and a microbiologist both state COVID has been manipulated and that components of HIV have been inserted into the viral sequence.
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