Before reading Dr. Ross’ Babesia treatment update, please see:

**UPDATE, 3/14/22**

Babesia Treatment Update, Dr. Ross

The main update I can see is his focus on “Babesia Nests” and a blood clotting protein called fibrin which limit blood flow to tissues and may inhibit antimicrobials as well as the immune system.  He uses:

  • Lumbrokinase which he claims is strongest
  • nattokinase
  • serapeptase

Also in this update he addresses Babesia microti specifically and that tafenoquine, a newer anti-malaria medication approved in 2018 has good effects against in the lab and in a recent case report.

He also states that research on those who have Babesia WITH Lyme is nonexistent but that LLMD’s state it can take four to five months of continuous antimicrobials for Babesia to resolve.  Dr. Horowitz is on record stating it takes 9-12 months for resolution.  Most LLMD’s treat Babesia for 3 weeks on and one week off treatment.



On a personal note, my husband and I treated Babesia for an entire year with success.  Our treatment is laid out in the top link.  My husband suffered with severe blood coagulation (the fibrin issue Dr. Ross calls “Babesia nests”) that was successfully treated with heparin, a blood thinner.  I have also heard from numerous other patients that this miraculously helped them as well.  If you have tried the suggested enzymes and they are not strong enough or cost is an issue, please discuss heparin with your LLMD.

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