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Is HIV to AIDS what SARS-CoV-2 is to COVID?

by Torsten Engelbrecht, Kelly Brogan MD, Andrew Kaufman MD, Magdalene Taylor

“The idea that certain microbes – above all fungi, bacteria and viruses – are our great opponents in battle, causing certain diseases that must be fought with special chemical bombs, has buried itself deep into the collective conscience. But a dig through history reveals that the Western world has only been dominated by the medial dogma of ‘one disease, one cause, one miracle pill’ since the end of the 19th century with the emergence of the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to that, we had a very different mindset, and even today, there are still traces everywhere of this different consciousness.” – excerpt from the book “Virus Mania” by Engelbrecht et al.

We assert that the notion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus causing “COVID” is a recapitulation of the international infectious disease coup that took hold in the 1980s, namely, that HIV causes AIDS. The aim here is to present ourfindings to propose that AIDS was a dress rehearsal for the present entrapment of citizens worldwide using the dominant COVID narrative.  Video here

COVID-19 Virology Fraud Explained in 19 Minutes



I fully realize that the information presented here will rock your world if you are unfamiliar with our fraudulent public health ‘authorities’ who have controlled the narrative for decades, telling the public one thing, while the truth remains sequestered with experts who either remain silent out of fear or speak up and are vilified. These whistle-blowers are highly censored and maligned with ad hominem attacks. (Doctors who treat tick-borne illness appropriately are called “quacks” by their own colleagues who myopically follow the IDSA, despite evidence to the contrary.  They are also hunted down and persecuted).

Traveling the Lyme/MSIDS journey taught me a lot; however, the book “Virus Mania, How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics Making Million-Dollar Profits At Our Expense:, really opened my eyes to the virus fraud being foisted on an unsuspecting public.

Here’s a good explanation of the book.  Go here for an excellent article highlighting the issues.

One of the foundations of this fraud is the fact they have not singularly isolated/purified these so-called viruses and proven their infectivity on an animal model.  This ‘slight of hand’ is similar to the propaganda that these COVID injections are ‘safe and effective,” due to the fact millions are experiencing adverse reactions/death as well as the fact they omitted ‘absolute risk’ in their efficacy assessment.  When ‘absolute risk’ is taken into account these experimental, fast-tracked injections are less than 1% effective!  They also unblinded the trail (giving everyone the active vaccine) making it virtually impossible to estimate efficacy.

It is common in vaccine studies to NOT use an inert placebo but rather another vaccine as a comparison, as well as the fact they are utilizing faulty PCR testing in these efficacy studies.

Further, utilizing fraudulent testing is an old, old trick perpetrated by our corrupt public health ‘authorities.’ Many are unaware that there are thousands of scientists contesting the very premise of numerous viral ‘pandemics’ that weren’t.

Most are unaware of these tricks but these tricks are commonly used to obtain a pre-determined outcome.

I encourage you to start on the journey for truth.  This will take an open mind, patience, and a willingness to think for yourself always keeping in mind that “things are often not what they seem.”  Also, it’s important to always ask yourself what an expert or author stands to gain.  If the expert only stands to be ridiculed, vilified, threatened  and lose their job – they are either delusional, factually wrong, OR they should be considered and listened to.  Per usual, also: follow the money.

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