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Jan. 25, 2022

“Vax” Victims Overflow Morgues into Refrigerated Trailers

Corrine Lund is a registered nurse who has been one of our top whistleblowers regarding events unfolding in our hospitals. Back in September she told us how hospitals were vaccinating sedated elderly patients without their consent. Now, Corrine says she’s seen the inevitable sequel to that surge: the die-off. Corrine says there are so many bodies that the local morgues have overflowed and they have to put extras into trailers in the parking lot. She says people are dying of myocarditis, atrial fibrillation, strokes, respiratory failure, every ailment you can think of, and they’re all brain and heart clot related.

  • Lund was a supervisor for entire first year of the ‘pandemic’ and states she did NOT see an uptick in deaths caused from COVID.
  • Lund also points out that the COVID test does NOT detect the variants. She questions and is alarmed by the talking point that people are getting certain variants. This can not be confirmed by current available routine testing.
  • She is alarmed that her colleagues are “dumbing down”, not thinking for themselves, and walking in “lockstep” with whatever the CDC says.
  • Lastly, Lund points out that they have put the National Guard in very prominent public places in her area to “help” alleviate the “overcrowding” of the hospitals by answering phones, despite the fact that for the past two decades hospitals have running at or above capacity.  At or above capacity does not mean there isn’t any room.  It simply means there are only enough health care workers that can provide for a certain number of patients. Lund does not see how their presence is going to help overcrowding which doesn’t exist.


Lawyer Thomas Renz: Miscarriages and Cancers Up 300 Percent, Neurological Problems Up 1000 Percent in Past Year

by Debra Heine

During a panel discussion in the United States Senate Monday, attorney Thomas Renz, a member of America’s Frontline Doctors’ legal team, revealed several alarming vaccine safety signals that the U.S. government has ignored. The information was provided by three military doctors who have access to vaccination data that has been withheld from the general public.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) convened a panel of world renowned doctors and experts to provide their perspectives on the global pandemic response, including their perspectives on “early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.”

The panel discussion was titled, “COVID 19: A Second Opinion.”

Renz said three Department of Defense whistleblowers—Lt. Col. Theresa Long, Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, and Lt. Colonel Peter Chambers—have provided stunning inside data about “vaccine” injuries. (See link for article)



  • Miscarriages and cancers have increased by about 300% in the past year over the 5 year average.
  • Neurological problems have increased by 1,000%.
  • Dr. Colonel Long, an aviation safety officer, had to ground “vaccinated” pilots with symptoms of myocarditis due to fear they might die of heart failure in mid-air. Her efforts to inform senior medical leaders were ignored and the military proceeded to rush out the Pfizer & Moderna shots. A military gag order allows Dr. Long to give testimony upon request to political representatives despite banning her from media appearances.
  • The Biden administration is ignoring a lawsuit seeking an injunction against the military “vaccine” mandate.
  • Attorney Renz also discussed shocking DOD documents called “Project Salus” which examined data on 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Go here to see the latest VAERS data and mounting list of adverse reaction and deaths reported after COVID shots.
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