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In most cases, the safety testing is done by the vaccine manufacturer. Occasionally, the CDC in the United States funds studies. But, again, what you’ve come to recognize when you pull back the curtain a little bit and investigate is that you… we have this perception of the Centers for Disease Control as an independent government body whose job is to regulate the safety of these medical processes. What we often aren’t told is that the CDC is also in the business of selling vaccines. They sell about $4 billion worth of vaccine every year, and they have patents on over 50 vaccines. And so they’re both a regulatory agency and they’re a major player in the vaccine market.

So you’ve got the fox guarding the henhouse and the fox says everything’s okay.

Published on Apr 27, 2018

Ted Kuntz is a father, a medical choice activist, author and educator. Ted’s journey to examine the claims of the vaccine industry began after his son Joshua was neurologically injured by the diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus shot (DPT) in 1984. Ted began a journey to understand what happened to his son. This journey revealed that the vaccine industry has been systematically and intentionally dishonest with health consumers on the safety, effectiveness and necessity of vaccinations. Ted’s most recent book, “Dare to Question One Parent to Another,” is available for download or order through on his w
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