White House Unveils New Action Plan Against COVID
Teka77/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The Biden administration has published a new “strategy” to fight against COVID this winter that would include more unconstitutional and pseudo-medical measures.

The administration’s “new actions” published on Thursday are aimed to “get Americans boosted for even greater protection against the Delta and Omicron variants, keep schools and businesses open, and help quickly respond to surges if needed during the colder months.”  (See link for article)


Summary of the plan:

  1. Boosters for all adults, because the definition of “fully vaccinated” is again likely to change and only those getting jabbed repeatedly will be in the clear.
  2. “Vaccinating” kids to keep schools open despite the FDA’s admission “We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it” and the world’s top medics argue the benefits of vaccinations for children do not outweigh the risks. They also threaten to quarantine the unvaccinated if they’ve been around anyone testing positive.
  3. Expanding Free At-Home Testing for Americans – on a test that is worthless.
  4. Stronger Public Health Protocols for Safe International Travel – upon everyone but illegal immigrants pouring through the border.
  5. Protections in Workplaces to Keep Our Economy Open. Despite a recent 5th Circuit Court of Appeals reaffirming its “stay” order against OSHA, citing “grave statutory and constitutional issues”, the administration called on businesses to defy the ruling.
  6. Rapid Response Teams to Help Battle Rising Cases.
  7. Supplying Treatment Pills to Help Prevent Hospitalizations and Death – but it won’t be ivermectin, HCQ, vitamin C, or anything else that has been shown to work, but will line the pockets of leaders.
  8. Continued Commitment to Global Vaccination Efforts. For every dose administered in the U.S., our government is donating three globally and will continue to invest in “vaccine” manufacturing companies like Pfizer and Moderna, i.e. the conflicts of interest continue on.
  9. Steps to Ensure We Are Prepared for All Scenarios, which simply means if the current shots don’t work on Omicron, etc., Americans will need to update boosters which are under ‘accelerated development’, i.e. untested.