Public health authorities clearly appeared to be operating in lockstep, ignoring the evidence, rubbishing safe, integrative treatments for Covid, and pushing for a single solution to the crisis: that of the novel, Covid-19 gene-based injections. A calculated propaganda campaign included censorship of any evidence-based perspective that challenged the agenda, and emotional manipulation that replaced informed consent with coercion.

It has since become starkly clear that the so-called pandemic has been a Trojan Horse for unelected bodies to push their dystopian vision of a centralised, one-world system of government. In terms of health, the WHO’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaty/Accord/Instrument threaten to undermine the individual’s inalienable rights and would see member nations handing over health policies to the WHO: an unelected, majority privately funded organisation. (Go to link for article and the WCH’s better way)


The following article explains the ideas behind The Great Reset and The Pandemic Treaty – both of which are the brainchildren of globalist thinking whose goal is to solidify corporate control over governments of the world.  This 30 minute video ties together the ideology, historical facts, and pertinent leaders.  Highly recommend.

Understanding Globalist Group Think

March 4, 2023

http://  (Approx. 30 Min)


What is the WEF?

Whitney Webb explains the WEF’s mission to solidify corporate control over governments of the world.

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola