Spartacus is back with another powerful article explaining in detail why these injections should be taken off the market immediately and criminal charges should be brought against everyone involved in their manufacture and distribution, and everyone who mandated them.

PSA – Why You Shouldn’t Take the Vaccine

A highly condensed primer on why these vaccines are so dangerous


Feb. 25, 2023

If someone you know is planning on taking a COVID-19 vaccine, here is why they shouldn’t do it, in a nutshell.

COVID-19 vaccines, particularly the mRNA platform behind the Pfizer and Moderna shots, were developed with shady DARPA biodefense money and venture capital funding, much of it going to a company that, for over a decade, had no commercial products whatsoever, whose CEO formerly worked for another company whose founder helped build the P4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. These injectables were obtained by our governments under contracts that absolve their manufacturers of any liability for the injuries they may cause.

PEGylated lipid nanoparticles are highly inflammatory synthetic oils conjugated with polyethylene glycol. These PEGylated lipids have been known to cause anaphylaxis in an unlucky few.  (See link for article as well as an audio version of the article)

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This, right here, is a “must read” as is Spartacus’ other article posted on this website which is another detailed account of what COVID actually is, what treatments work, what doesn’t and why, and why virtually everything else the ‘experts’ said is wrong.

It’s really important to read about the military aspect of the COVID shots, as well as understand the Chinese connection.  The origin of COVID remains shrouded by being classified, with U.S. senators demanding these documents be accessible to the public.

It’s also important to know about the work of Charles Liebner which continues today through Jia Lui of Harvard who patented Lieber’s work – nanoscale wires/electronics which can be embedded in biological structures such as tissues and organs to apply an electrical stimulus to the biological structure.  It’s all very creepy, dystopian globalist, WEF, WHO, NATO, UN, digitization, AI stuff designed to control the public and virtually all aspects of life on planet earth.

Once you go down all the right bunny holes, everything becomes much more clear.
The conspiracies are not theories, but are in fact very real and have frightening implications.

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