The regulatory agencies and their advisory committees have gone amok. It’s time for people to stop consenting and stop complying.

This is a declaration of war on our children. The responsibility to be unrelenting as we defend the next generation from Big Pharma now falls on us. In the coming months, nearly every state in the nation will universally adopt the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule.

This vote solidifies the capture and corruption of the agencies put in place to protect public health. It’s clear this is not about protecting public health rather protecting Big Pharma by granting permanent liability protection. With the addition of this vaccine to the childhood schedule there will be zero recourse for the injured moving forward.  Source

According to this, only SIX out of thousands of COVID shot injuries are eligible for compensation. 

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CDC Panel Adds COVID Shot To Kids’ Routine Vaccine Schedule

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Dylan Housman Healthcare Reporter

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) panel of expert vaccine advisers voted Thursday to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the children’s immunization schedule.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted by a count of 15-0 to add the COVID-19 shots to the immunization schedule, which is a recommended list of vaccines for pediatricians to give children at certain points throughout their development. The addition itself does not mandate that any children receive the vaccine; however, a number of states follow the CDC recommendations when developing their vaccination requirements for public schools.

Children between the ages of six months and 18 years should receive a two-dose series of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, according to the committee. The immunization schedule does not include a suggestion for boosters, although the CDC already recommends children aged five and older receive a bivalent booster for the virus.  (See link for article)



While the article states the CDC does not mandate the gene therapy injections, 31 states and the District of Columbia blindly follow CDC recommendations & require vaccines on the CDC schedule to be taken by children for school attendance. Other states impose requirements that largely align with the schedule as well.  (Just look at how mainstream medicine blindly follows antiquated, unscientific Lyme/MSIDS “guidelines,” as if they are mandates and the rule of the land.)

As of Oct. 22, 2022, the following states are rejecting mandatory shots for children to obtain an education:

  • Wyoming
  • Iowa
  • Oklahoma
  • Montana
  • West Virginia
  • South Carolina
  • Florida
  • Arkansas

Further, the following 14 state Attorney Generals object to the CDC’s decision and wrote a letter to the ACIP stating the vote was taken prior to the close of the comment period as well as the fact the injections would deny parents the freedom to determine whether to subject their kids to an experimental “vaccine.” It also states the ICIP CDC, and the medical community need to stop forcing unproven policies and medicines on children who are not at risk of bodily harm.

  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • Alabama
  • Montana
  • Arizona
  • Nebraska
  • Arkansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Florida
  • South Carolina
  • Indiana
  • Texas
  • Kansas
  • Utah

The other interesting fact is that the vote was unanimous.  No dissenting voices. How often does this happen in real life?  Well, it’s a must if you sit on the CDC “vaccination” panel.  No free thinking allowed.

This article states the members voted to add Moderna, Pfizer, and Novavax shots to the 2023 schedules, and despite waning effectiveness, still insist they prevent severe disease, that data has shown is a mythThis study shows that the COVID shots cause more harm than good when the proper scientific endpoint of “All Cause Severe Morbidity” is used.  The clinical trial being used to justify these gene therapy injections is dangerously misleading.  Besides using the wrong endpoint, the study eliminated the control group, uses statistical trickery and does not take into account “absolute risk.”

Evidently the bivalent boosters, which haven’t even been tested in humans, will also be added if ACIP’s advice is taken.

The real crux of the matter is money Under the program Vaccines for Children (VFC), the addition of the COVID shots assure they will be covered under the federal program, which buys “vaccines” at a discounted rate and then distributes them to contracted “vaccine” providers – ensuring the money continues to flow due to the fact the shots will shortly not be available for free under the national COVID-19 response Under the auspice of “access” an untested, dangerous “vaccine” which isn’t even needed, and which is still under EUA authorization will now continue to be manufactured and given free of charge to un- or under insured children, but paid in full through the tax-payer’s dime.

When asked about myocarditis and pericarditis after the shots, members of the ACIP cover their backside by stating these are “rare” side-effects, and that most of the affected are fully recovered at follow-up, despite a nurse stating doctors are not even reporting these conditions to VAERS.   Similar shenanigans have been going on in Lymeland for over 40 years.

According to Steve Kirsch:

  1. The “emergency” can now end. They needed the emergency to be able to create EUA approval which gave them liability protection as long as the emergency existed. The emergency is no longer needed.
  2. The vaccine makers can now manufacture fully “approved” vaccines and have complete liability protection forever.
  3. The ACIP vote is just a recommendation. The CDC must add it to the schedule, but that’s a slam dunk.

Important quote:

“I suppose we should not be surprised that the ACIP has voted to add it to the CDC’s recommended childhood vaccine schedule, even though it has not been fully licensed by FDA for use in children. The past three years has [sic] taught us that federal health officials have politicized the COVID vaccine development, licensing, and policymaking process and rubber-stamped the questionable science provided by pharmaceutical companies.

Now it is up to parents to let their state legislators know they want vaccine informed consent protections in public health laws and are opposed being forced to give their children the COVID vaccine as a condition of attending school, receiving medical care or for any other reason.” ~ Barbara Loe Fisher, president and co-founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)

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