Approx. 47 Min.
April 11, 2021

Relieve Chronic Pain – Steven Phillips, M.S. & Dana Parish

The Empowering Neurologist
David Perlmutter
It has been estimated that some 50 million Americans have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. As such, we have become all too familiar with things like rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and multiple sclerosis, to name a few.
On our program today we are going to speak with the authors of a new book entitled Chronic: The Hidden Cause of the Autoimmune Pandemic and How to Get Healthy Again by Dr. Steven Phillips and Dana Parish.
Dr. Phillips and his patient, Dana Parish, reveal the role that chronic underlying infections, like Lyme disease, may play as it relates to autoimmune conditions. We will explore not just Lyme disease, but other chronic infections that also may have long-term manifestations. We explore how these diseases present, how they are diagnosed, and of course, treatment, as well as the politics that may well be keeping this information from gaining widespread acceptance or at least recognition.
I think you will find this program to be very intriguing. 
  • Steven Phillips, M.D., is a renowned Yale-trained physician, international lecturer, and media go-to expert. Well-published in the medical literature, he has treated over 20,000 patients with complex, chronic illness from nearly 20 countries. Phillips experienced firsthand the nightmare of an undiagnosed, serious infection after nearly dying from his own “mystery illness,” and having to save his own life when 25 doctors could not.
  • Dana Parish developed Lyme-induced heart failure as a result of being improperly diagnosed by multiple physicians—and had her life saved by Dr. Phillips. A chart-topping Sony/ATV singer/songwriter who has written songs for artists like Celine Dion and Idina Menzel, she has become a major voice in the world of chronic illness. Her popular column on Huffington Post has been read by more than one million people globally.



Around 26:00, I was thankful Dr. Phillips touched upon the “Lyme vaccine,” and the fact that when they gave the vaccine to animals infected with Lyme, they got sicker.

He also relates how there are some similarities with Long-COVID and chronic Lyme particularly how latent infections are being stirred up with both illnesses.

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