This 15 min video goes through the chronology and how unscientific lockdowns came to rule the land and how they haven’t worked to deter COVID in any way; however, they have caused untold damage like suicides, lack of education, mental health issues, etc.

The COVID Dominoes Have Started to Fall

Similarly to mainstream media which follows a singular script, suddenly world leaders are reading off the same teleprompter proving the naked absurdity of global public health.

In an interview on “60 Minutes” Sunday night, President Biden said the COVID-19 pandemic is “over” in the United States, despite conflicting messaging from Fauci, HHS, and Reuters, who all stand to gain by keeping the ‘plandemic’ going.  As pointed out in this article, since the whole PCR debacle is still with us and the CDC has yet to issue an adjustment factor for false positives the actual number of real COVID cases is still unknown.The same thing is true for deaths due to the whole “died with” vs “died from” debacle. The Office of Inspector General (IG) at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a report concluding the FDA overused Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) resulting in faulty COVID tests reaching the market that otherwise might not have.  One such test is the “free” at-home antigen test which has the toxic chemical sodium azide in it which is colorless, tasteless, and odorless and which is used as a propellant in airbags and in pest control.

COVID ends as it began: as a political ploy.

The question that needs to be answered is “if it’s over, why the continued emergency,” and why the continued mandates?

Biden’s declaration is right on the heels of the admission by CDC director Walensky stating the organization kinda botched the COVID response. Despite the admission; however, she wants more tax dollars. And the organization is getting more.  A lot more.  There’s been a 356.9% increase in funding relative to 2022 to the tune of $39 BILLION.

But Biden and Walensky aren’t alone.  Recently former UK chancellor Rishi Sunak is attempting to distance himself from the ‘plandemic’ debacle by stating he disagreed with his government’s COVID response from the beginning.  He was promptly and soundly called out on this fabrication by his countrymen.  Neil Oliver stated it simply:

“Sunack squeaks that he was on the right side of history but powerless.  What absolute twaddle.  He was arguably the second most powerful figure in government. By his own admission he went along with all that was done to us.” 

Then, there’s the lockdown happy New Zealander Prime Minister Rita Panahi suddenly doing an about face as well after some ugly poll numbers and protests.

https://thehighwire.com/videos/covid-zero-new-zealand-abandons-restrictions/  Video Here (Approx. 4 Min)

Mandates Ending in New Zealand

Next to China, New Zealand’s Covid restrictions have been some of the most authoritarian and inhumane in the world. A once confident Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, had no problem dividing her people and has now suddenly switched to supporting individual choice. Are people buying it?

Please, don’t buy it.

Oliver gives this important warning:

The COVID and lockdown double act is expendable. They’ve rung all the juice they are ever going to get out of that rotten fruit and now it’s ready to be cast aside. Or maybe it will just go on the back burner while other fresher concoctions are brought forward.  Either way, someone somewhere seems to have decided it’s time to move on.

This article goes over the fresher concoctions currently being rolled out – all of which are huge money and power grabs.

It appears they haven’t quite rung all the juice out of the COVID ‘plandemic’  as the government and employers continue to mandate EUA injections that don’t stop transmission, infection, severe hospitalization or even death but are linked to more adverse events and death than another other vaccine in the history of VAERS.

Let us never forget the thousands that have been fired and bullied over refusing to get an experimental gene therapy injection.


Former nurse Tawny Buettner gives emotional speech about losing her job due to “vaccine” mandate

Sept. 14, 2022

Buettner was a nurse for 13 years in the cardiovascular care unit where she took care of children with myocarditis after the COVID shots. She states that these reactions were not being reported to VAERS. She states it was an unspoken thing that they were not allowed to talk openly about it in the unit.

“I am the face of your misinformation, Nathan. I am the one who lost my career in pediatric, cardiovascular ICU care.” ~ Nurse Tawny Buettner

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