I post this information because it’s a rampant issue in LymelandDoctors have simply stopped thinking.  They now follow dictates from government bureaucrats in Washington who are in bed with Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Media, and research institutions.

We desperately need to break the public health monopoly and allow doctors the freedom to think again.  As it stands, doctors are afraid to diagnose and treat  Lyme/MSIDS patients, COVID patients, and any other disease that is being politically controlled.


2 Studies Showing Doctors Still Rely on “Non-Evidence Based” Judgement in the Absence of RCT’s

It’s only certain covid treatments where there’s nihilistic clinical paralysis

One of the more damning behaviors by the medical community throughout the pandemic was what Dr. McCullough termed “therapeutic nihilism” – the systematic refusal to even try treating covid patients. Doctors the world over fell victim to their own unique mass formation psychosis whereby they suddenly ‘forgot’ how to apply their knowledge and experience to a patient with a novel disease condition – in other words, the very act of “doctoring”.  (See link for article)


A Few points:

  • ‘It’s the incentives, stupid’.  People generally act in consonance with what they are incentivized to do.  The Cares Act incentivized hospitals and doctors to only use FDA “approved” treatments that government employees own the patents on and benefit financially from.

  • Dr. Kory reported6 that after the first few months of covid, nursing homes tried Ivermectin and saw that it worked, which was a big part of why nursing homes were a tiny % of covid deaths after being responsible for the lion’s share of covid mortality at the beginning.
  • Nursing homes and other types of long-term care facilities only make money on patients who are living. Thus they were incentivized to keep their patient populations alive, which they did. (It helped that nursing homes have in-house pharmacies too, so they could compound their own Ivermectin without dealing with the government bureaucracies or medical cartel organizations.)
  • Hospitals, on the other hand, were financially incentivized to:
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