To TBDWG: Pay attention to gestational Lyme and new ICD-11 codes

Kristina Bauer gave the following public comments at the July 19 meeting of the federal Tick-Borne Disease Working Group.

July 21. 2022

I’m Kristina Bauer, Executive Director of Texas Lyme Alliance,  mom of four gestational Lyme kids. This is my fourth opportunity to address Congress and provide public comments to the TBDWG, thank you for giving patients and advocates a voice!

I have been advocating for gestational and pediatric Lyme over five years, yet still don’t see treatment guidelines updated to avoid this health risk. I went 32 years misdiagnosed as autoimmune diseases and hearing, “I don’t know how to help you.”

My family is finally in remission after 10 years of treating by using immune therapies and integrative medicine, spending too much money. I also serve on the board of Mothers Against Lyme, and am the Texas state captain for Center for Lyme Action.

* The Affordable Care Act established that 90 days of antibiotic treatments, repeated as necessary, are essential health benefits for cases of persistent and recurring Lyme infection.

* Dr Bruce Patterson’s work from Incelldx on chronic inflammation has inferred Lyme persists, but others may need treatment for high inflammation. Separating these two can help patients identify what is going on and reduce symptoms to improve quality of life.

* I invite the listeners to view my YouTube channel at Kristina Bauer that contains interviews regarding how PTLDS is being expressly used to deny treatment for ongoing infection.

* Human rights violations have been documented to include denying the right to the highest attainable standard of health, personal security, right to life and the protections against torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

* Doctors who take an oath but don’t understand Lyme, do nothing for patients, therefore in fact do harm. Improving education to all medical providers would help improve a patient’s quality of life.

ICD-11 Diagnostic Codes

The World Health Organization’s ICD-11 now recognizes a significant number of Lyme complications which can become chronic, cause severe disability, and in some cases, result in death.

The new codes now include: 1C1G.10 Lyme Neuroborreliosis. 1C1G.11 Lyme Carditis. 1C1G.12 Ophthalmic Lyme borreliosis. 1C1G.1Y Other specified disseminated Lyme borreliosis. 1C1GY Other specified Lyme borreliosis. 6D85.Y Dementia due to Lyme Disease. 8A45.0Y Central Nervous System demyelination due to Lyme borreliosis and WHO recommended that “KA6Y Other specified infections of the fetus or newborn” be coordinated with “XN13C Borrelia Burgdorferi” to represent congenital Lyme.

Thank you to all TBDWG members. To all the patients, things ARE getting better, keep your chin up and never give up!

View a recording of Kristina’s comments here:

Kristina Bauer can be contacted via her website,



Moms like Kristina are true, unrecognized heroes.  Having a bevvy full of infected kids, while being infected yourself is a underappreciated challenge.  Rock on!

That said, here’s a few points for consideration:

  1. The TBDWG does NOT give patients a voice – unless you consider ONE patient advocate enough of a voice.  As knowledgeable as LDA’s Pat Smith is, one voice hardly registers against a literal Cabal biased against the severity and persistence of Lyme/MSIDS.
  2. Being misdiagnosed for 32 years is unacceptable but nothing is changing in Lyme-land and the exact same thing is happening to thousands of others daily.
  3. This brave mom discusses having FOUR children with gestational Lyme, yet the CDC still says this is rare.  As Tuttle asks, how can they know when they aren’t counting?
  4. Doctors saying “I don’t know how to help you” is also unacceptable.  They are either too afraid to treat due to the politicization of the disease OR are completely ignorant due to public health ‘authorities’ who are  propagating a false narrative that has been regurgitated by mainstream medicine, including medical professional organizations (they come after doctors for thinking for themselves) and medical schools (which are in bed with Big Pharma) – all of which are slowly turning into a monopolized business that is completely destroying health care.
  5. Working with the corrupt WHO is unfruitful at best and harmful at worst.  70% of its funding comes from Big Pharma and the rest comes from the Gates Foundation and China.  Hello?  A WHO whistleblower has stated the WHO is the “tip of the spear for world tyranny.”  Why do we continue to craw in bed with the enemy?  If we haven’t learned from 40 years of stagnation and lies, we never will.
  6. The Affordable Care Act (aka: ACA, Obamacare, PPACA) is not affordable.  Further, this monopoly has caused untold damage.  Again, why would you continue to trust the very people and agencies behind all the corruption?  It defies all sound logic and reason.  Untold thousands have died and continue to die, due to ACA interference with COVID treatment. I can only imagine the suffering due to the standard Lyme guidelines in place for over 40 years.
  7. Things are NOT getting better.  There is a delusion in the land and people have stopped thinking critically.  We need to quit aligning ourselves with corrupt bureaucrats who care more about their position, power, and money than patients. Any forward progress has been solely due to independent researchers/doctors who conduct their own research with their own funds and/or share with the world what they have learned in their clinical experience That’s it.  If we were smart, we would fund these individuals and organizations.  The government is beyond help.  Time to move on and get real answers for patients. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  Truer words were never spoken and never more applicable than in Lyme-land.
  8. Always keep your chin up and never give up.  But we also must get wiser and realize what is working and what is not, and stop enabling corrupt organizations to continue to do what they’ve gotten away with for decades.
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