Mothers & Children Panel: 5th Annual LymeMIND Conference 2020

Nov. 2, 2020

  • Sue Faber, RN, BScN, President, LymeHope
  • Holly Ahern, MT(ASCP), Associate Professor of Microbiology, SUNY Adirondack 
  • Charlotte Mao, MD, Pediatric infectious disease specialist, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital/Massachusetts General Hospital Congenital Lyme research has been on hold for 25 years.
CDC just updated and acknowledged the importance of this field of study. We are interested in exploring the paradigm shifting potential of this.
  • How can we detect and treat Lyme and TBD in children – especially infants?
  • What are the special considerations for children?
  • Children are most at-risk population in the US, so how do we prevent infection?
  • What should pregnant and new mothers do if they have (or suspect they have) Lyme or TBD?

For more:

Don’t get your hopes up.  The CDC still falsely states congenital transmission to be “rare,” which is their way of saying, “Nothing to see here!”

As Lyme advocate Carl Tuttle states, how can they even know it’s rare when nobody’s counting?!


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