For those of you just tuning in, the CDC website recently admitted that Lyme disease can be spread congenitally (mother to baby) but that it’s “rare.”

But, Lyme advocate Carl Tuttle makes a great point.  How can it be “rare” when no one’s looking for it or counting it?

What’s going on here Secretary Azar?

FEB 18, 2020 — 

Please see today’s letter to the US Secretary of Health and Human Services……

——— Original Message ———-
To: Alex.Azar@HHS.GOV,
Cc: (92 undisclosed recipients)
Date: February 18, 2020 at 11:40 AM
Subject: U.S. health agency acknowledges Lyme disease mother-to-fetus transmission

Feb 18, 2020

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20201
Attn: Alex Michael Azar II, United States Secretary of Health and Human Services

Dear Mr. Secretary,

I would like to call attention to the following Chronicle Herald article:

U.S. health agency acknowledges Lyme disease mother-to-fetus transmission

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website was updated Jan. 27 to include mother to fetus as a possible way of transmitting the disease. The new section states,

“Untreated Lyme disease during pregnancy can lead to infection of the placenta. Spread from mother to fetus is possible but rare.”


Mother-to-fetus transmission is rare? If no one is looking; no one is counting.

The 1988 publication below identified mother-to-fetus transmission despite antibiotic treatment:

Borrelia burgdorferi in a newborn despite oral penicillin for Lyme borreliosis during pregnancy.
Published 1988 Paul H. Duray, Infectious Diseases

The attached list of 26 references identified mother-to-fetus transmission of Lyme disease dating back to 1985 but it took 35 years for the CDC to acknowledge Congenital Transmission of Lyme?

What’s going on here Secretary Azar?

In reference to “other modes of transmission” please refer to the Tick-Borne Disease Working Group website:

Clinical Aspects of Lyme Disease Subcommittee Report to the Tick-Borne Disease Working Group

Priority 3: Further evaluate purported human-to-human sexual transmission of Lyme disease.

“But because of the implications of sexual transmission, some members recommended that further studies be conducted to validate or refute this possible mode of transmission,….” [1]

Please see the following 2003 publication

‘Lyme disease’: ancient engine of an unrecognized borreliosis pandemic?
T. Harvey, P. Salvato Diversified Medical Practices, Houston, Texas, USA

“The data suggest there may exist a much larger unrecognized pool of Bbsl-infected individuals sustained by persistent intra-human transfer that we provisionally call “Epidemic Borreliosis” Treatment modalities and schedules to eradicate B. burgdorferi from all patients regardless of infection route or duration must be created. If our experience holds, this will be a difficult task and will require serious and rapid commitment from all nations.”

“Our clinical experience strongly suggests that predictable, possibly inevitable Lyme disease transfer between sexually active couples occurs. The preponderance of infected spouses we have tested to date also exhibit positive serology or PCR for Bbsl presence.”

Substantial data support the probability that human Bbsl infection can persist indefinitely.”

The attached PDF published in 1999 by the Canadian Office of Biosafety Information which was edited by the Colorado State University Office of Biosafety references laboratory acquired infections.

Section VI: LABORATORY-AQUIRED INFECTIONS: 45 reported cases up to 1976 with  2 deaths

SURVIVAL OUTSIDE HOST: Infected guinea pig blood – 28 to 35 days at room temperature, survives for short periods in urine.

Transmission by Contact via Feces, urine or Tick excretes-can Borrelia burgdorferi enter through intact mucous membranes?

Per the study below, North Carolina has gone from the CDC declaring there was no Lyme disease 15 or so years ago to now declaring it an “emerging” state. Shows what happens when you exercise sufficient medical neglect: an unbridled epidemic!

Trends and Patterns in Lyme Disease: An Analysis of Private Claims Data
A FAIR Health White Paper, December 2019



It would appear that the US Centers for Disease Control has failed to recognize the severity of Lyme disease while aligning itself with the academics focused on suppressing evidence of Congenital Transmission along with persistent infection after aggressive antibiotic treatment. (Racketeering scheme)

These actions have misguided an entire medical community as some physicians here in New Hampshire claim they don’t believe in Lyme disease as depicted in the attached caricature. (Reference available upon request) We have lost three decades to this racketeering activity [2] while the attention and research dollars should have been used to find new approaches to fight this antibiotic resistant/tolerant superbug.

“We are seeing so many young people, previously completely healthy & vital with lives totally de-railed by (the disease that does not exist) chronic Lyme disease.  The medical profession is entirely ‘blind’ to this devastating, complex, multi-system illness that, in aggregate, can be totally disabling. (not to mention, of course, the compounding factors of co-infections making their illnesses even more complex). To me, like playing 3 simultaneous games of chess against 3 opposing ‘Chess-masters’”  -Kenneth Liegner, MD

We are dealing with a life-altering/life-threatening infection with faulty/misleading antibody tests, inadequate treatment, no medical training and absolutely no disease control whatsoever; a public health disaster.

Lyme disease is a 21st Century plague hidden in plain sight as patient testimony all across America is describing a disease that is destroying lives, ending careers while leaving its victim in financial ruin. ….. Lyme disease is a public health emergency Secretary Azar!

Respectfully Submitted,

Carl Tuttle
Lyme Endemic Hudson, NH

Cc: New Hampshire Senate Health and Human Services Committee and the NH Medical Society.


Stricker, R. B., & Middelveen, M. J. (2015). Sexual transmission of Lyme disease: Challenging the tickborne disease paradigm. Expert Review of Anti-Infective Therapy, 13(11): 1303–1306.

Racketeering antitrust lawsuit against the Infectious Diseases Society of America

Circular reasoning: “Suppress all evidence and then proclaim there is no evidence”



A moratorium on ALL Lyme vaccines should be demanded until the issues of congenital, sexual, and other means of transmission are cleared up as well as the very real issue of persistent infection.

Funny how the CDC will admit things (congenital transmission) right before they want to promote a vaccine that will line their pockets.  Coincidence?  I think not.

The following news story is a great example.  They used sick patients to explain how devastating this is only to be supposedly “saved” by a new magic-bullet vaccine:





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