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Nurse on Health Care Corruption

April 18, 2023

Gail Macrae is a California nurse turned whistleblower who was fired for refusing to take the COVID-19 shot. She joined Liz Collin this week to discuss what she witnessed while working in health care during the pandemic.

  • She refutes the media’s claim that hospitals were overflowing during COVID
  • Her hospital in particular was under utilized
  • It’s completely normal to have empty hospitals in the Spring and Summer and then to have patients in the winter months
  • She witnessed first hand the horrific results of isolating patients by not allowing family members at their bedsides.
  • Remdesivir didn’t not help patients improve but actually caused multi-organ failure.  She was told it was “protocol.”  This protocol still exists today despite its danger and ineffectiveness.
  • She mentions finding out about the financial kickbacks hospitals received.
  • Her hospital had 3 TIMES the admission rate within 2 weeks after the COVID injections were rolled out than at any time in history.
  • Anaphylaxis was common.  A nurse was told if she reported these she would be fired.
  • Staff were afraid of losing their livelihood and mostly went along with the tyranny.  Many left the field.
  • is Macrae’s latest endeavor.
“May our children never say we were cowards in the face of evil.” ~ Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, MD
  • She mentions the FLCCC website for helpful resources including COVID treatments and the importance of addressing the significant inflammation caused by COVID.

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