CDC Acknowledges Health Problems After COVID Injections


Feb. 9, 2023

The Deputy Director of the CDC, Tom Shimabukuro, now acknowledges the problems of the COVID gene therapy injections.   “We hope these people improve.” Can you believe this? What is the recourse for injured families?

Other experts are also speaking out:

  • MIT professor Dr. Levy took to Twitter to share the harm the shots are causing
  • Israeli health reporter Yaffa Shir-Raz stated that “Israel was Pfizer’s laboratory” and that Israel did not have any functioning monitoring system, yet the FDA’s decision to approve the booster shot was based on Israeli data
  • Dr. Masanori Fukushima slammed Japan’s Ministry of Health for refusing to halt the COVID injection program, citing data which shows a multitude of adverse reactions and deaths
  • Professor Masanaka Nagao, Forensic Medical Dotor from Hiroshima University School of Medicine states that data shows ‘vaccination’ was sufficiently related to immune abnormalities
  • Professor Shigetoshi Sano, expert in dermatology, from Kochi University of Medicine used a special dye to examine tissues of the “vaccine” injured and found inflammatory areas flooded with spike proteins from the injections
  • Joseph Fraiman, an emergency physician and a clinical scientist from Louisiana who reanalyzed Pfizer and Moderna Trials found that the “vaccines” increase serious adverse events at a rate of 1 in 800 and calls for them to be withdrawn from the market
  • Dr. Ryan Cole, pathologist and CEO and medical director of Cole Diagnostics states that the spike protein is a toxin that is being injected into everyone that crossed the blood, brain, barrier and causes damage in organs
  • Dr. Hoffe has used D-dimer tests on the “vaccinated” and found microclotting causing capillaries to plug up
  • Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, world renowned virologist and professor states the “vaccines” are injuring and killing untold numbers of people globally & must be stopped
  • Dr. Flavio Cadegiani, Brazilian endocrinologist states the spike protein in the shots induces disease in the endocrine system

But I was greatly encouraged after seeing the cringe-worthy video of Fauci, 82, and the Democratic mayor making the rounds in the Anacostia neighborhood in June 2021 attempting to peddle the clot shots.  Many truth bombs were shared by ordinary citizens who famously stood their ground.

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March, 2023

Waffling Walensky

In this video, Vinay Prasad, discusses CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky’s ever changing statements.  He also wrote a Substack article titled: Public Health Should Lose Your Trust.  This important article breaks down the COVID issues and why public health failed, utterly.  He also wrote this enlightening article titled Mask Studies Reach a New Scientific Low Point.

I had to chuckle when I read:

Enter a new study in MMWR— the CDC’s pet journal; It is getting widely tweeted and cited, and that is unfortunate. The paper is entirely, irredeemably flawed. Its flaws are so evident that it should not have been published nor promoted. When an issue is deeply polarizing, publishing bad science helps no one. It cannot convince skeptics, proponents don’t need convincing, and it deepens mistrust in institutions. Let’s consider the paper.

I chuckle because the MMWR has been used to spank Lyme/MSIDS patients as well:

Hopefully by now you have realized that the CDC is an entirely political organization that has very little to do with science or public health.

An interesting little tidbit about the MMWR is that while it has the look and feel of articles in medical journals, its published content constitutes the official voice of its parent, the CDC.  Most MMWR articles are not “peer-reviewed” in the way submissions to medical journals are.  The content in the MMWR agrees with CDC policy and every submission undergoes a rigorous multilevel clearance process, including a review by the CDC Director before publication..  By the time a report appears in the MMWR, it reflects or is completely consistent with CDC policy.  Dissenting opinions simply will not be published.

Interestingly, the CDC did a similar mask study in 2020 and found a near-perfect lack of correlation so they simply buried the results in a table they ignored in the actual text of the MMWR.

Another particularly poignant quote:

The truth is the CDC has put out so many papers that borderline propaganda, that they create the space for people to seek alternative information. They have lost trust.

Ultimately, the CDC & NIH failed us. The agencies should have run a half dozen masking cluster RCTs under different conditions, and for different ages. We were starving, and we needed this loaf of bread. Instead, the CDC published flawed study after flawed study. It didn’t even give us crumbs; it gave us a fistful of sand. Starving, we swallowed each grain, and begged for more. Medical leaders told us to fill our bowl before it runs out. Science lies on its deathbed. ~ Dr. Vinay Prasad

Well, at least the CDC isn’t alone.

Germany’s Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach, who once claimed that COVID-19 “vaccination” is free of side effects, admitted last week that he was wrong, saying adverse reactions occur at a rate of one in 10,000 doses and can cause “severe disabilities.”  Unfortunately, a scientist has reviewed both the Pfizer and Moderna trial data and found it’s far worse.  According to this data, it’s actually one serious adverse event per 800 vaccinees.

The CDC is beyond hope and rehabilitation and is so corrupt it has forgotten what truth even sounds like.

Until the Bayh-Dole Act and other measures are repealed, we will never be able to trust public health due to their severe conflicts of interest.

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