Please know the Spanish Flu is being worked on right here in Wisconsin.  UW Madison researchers built the virus from fragments of wild bird flu strains and then mutated it to make it airborne.  Yoshihiro Kawaoka has mixed a contemporary flu virus with the Spanish flu.  This article gives details such as information about the BSL-3-Ag facility, right in Madison, that studies deadly pathogens.

Lord May, former chief scientific adviser to the British government, as saying Kawaoka’s work was “absolutely crazy.” Simon Wain-Hobson, of the esteemed Institut Pasteur in France, told the newspaper, “It’s madness.”

Important excerpt:

The scientists who object believe Kawaoka’s work violates the Nuremberg Code’s rules for research with biological agents, and argue that engineering nonnatural biological pathogens creates the potential for a laboratory accident that would release them and in turn cause a calamity. They believe the risk of the research represents such a danger that it must be stopped.

Well, that sounds quite familiar doesn’t it?
Interestingly, Kawaoka admits there’s no way to defeat the flu.  Yet, how many countries have ignorantly followed a ZERO COVID policy?

Scientists Use Gain-of-Function To Resurrect Deadly Spanish Flu That Killed 50 Million People

Fact checked

Russia, China, India and Brazil launch investigation into US biolabs in Ukraine

A team of gain-of-function scientists in Canada and the US report that they have re-created the 1918 influenza virus and used it to infect macaques.

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