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Dr. Ryan Cole explains how the mRNA Shots are causing an uptick in Lyme disease, Epstein-Barr and chronic fatigue


  • COVID Shots are expired products designed for a virus strain no longer in circulation
  • The Spike Protein is causing reactivation of many viruses:
    • Epstein Barr
    • Other Herpes family viruses
      • Cytomegalovirus
      • CMV
    • Unusual viruses:
      • parechoviruses
      • parainfluenza viruses
  • There is an uptick in Lyme Disease due to immune suppression (go here and read comment section)
  • The COVID shots cause mitochondrial harm
  • The COVID shots cause heart damage
  • Sudden Adult Death syndrome (SADS) wasn’t happening in 2020 during the COVD outbreak, or in 2021 before the “vaccine” mandates. These deaths started occurring in late 2021 and have continued due to people  getting 3 and 4 shots.
  • The lipid nanoparticle accumulates in the ovaries.
    • Germany has seen a 20% decrease in early 2022 of fertility rates.  Similar things are seen in Sweden, Taiwan, and other Scandinavian countries.  While correlation doesn’t equal causation, this is concerning.
  • The spike protein has affected hormonal cycles.
  • The spike protein has affected the adrenal glands (blood pressure, cortisol, etc).
  • The spike protein inflames blood vessels and a lot of clotting has been seen.

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COVID Shots, Parasites, & Cancer

Dr. Lee Merritt weighs in on the parasites in the COVID shots and the explosion of cancer.
Excellent information.  Highly recommend.  It connects many dots on the following information as well as 5G.

Egyptian parasitologists have linked cancer being caused by parasites for a long time; however, it’s never discussed as they will lose their funding.  Cancer cells and parasite egg sacks look identical under a microscope.

It’s been difficult if not impossible to know what is in the mRNA shots due to the fact “vaccine” manufacturers are not transparent about that is actually in the vials.  Researchers have had to simply speculate based on the symptoms that followed; however, leaked documents prove what many have suspected all along: the vials are all different.  The experimental mRNA shots, under emergency use authorization (EUA) are not approved, therefore, what the public is partaking in is an ongoing clinical study with numerous arms – i.e. people are given different doses and one group is getting a placebo group (should be an inert substance).  The last group falsely believes they are getting a “vaccine.”

But some have managed to get their hands on vials to study what’s in them:
  • German scientists, without exception, have found unusual toxic components, mostly metallic, in the shots.
  • Spanish researchers found that Pfizer’s shot consists of 99% graphene oxide, a known toxin that explodes the mitochondria causing an inflammatory storm that resembles COVID itself, conveniently mudding the waters once again making everything appear to be caused by COVID.
    • Graphene is also in the PCR swabs and in masks.
    • Graphene causes hypercoagulation which causes blood clotting.
    • Graphene is a superconductor which gives a metallic taste, loss of taste and smell, and the magnetic phenomenon of being able to put a spoon on your body and have it stick.
    • In an interview with Dr. Mylo Canderian, Ph.D., developer of the graphene oxide patent as a hematological bioweapon in 2015, states those “vaccinated” with the COVID shots will all die within a maximum window of 10 years.
  • Swissmedic discovered bubbles in vials.
  • Microscopy expert Dr. Robert Young also shows that COVID vials contain graphene oxide, parasites (Trypanosoma Cruzi), stainless steel, and other metals and contents.  Please read here to learn that parasites manipulate the immune system to establish infection – often chronically and that a third of the human population may be affected.  Coinfections often hinder accurate diagnosis.
  • Dr. Carrie Madej observed graphene type substances as well as a self-aware moving substance that looks and acts like “Hydra Vulgaris.”
  • Korea Veritas Doctors for COVID 19 have also observed “moving organism.”

Dr. Merrit recommends the following anti-parasitic treatment approach:

  • Use anti-parasitics for 3 days then stop for 5 days.
  • Gradually lengthen your cycle (use for 3 days stop for 10 and so on), watching for a reaction.
  • Do this for a minimum of 2 months for an adult.
  • When you can go to monthly cycles you are on maintenance.

I also highly recommend this video with Dr. Merrit as well.

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