Go here for:  Exclusive: Leaked Hospital Memo Reveals 500 Percent Rise in Stillbirths; Fetal Specialist Explains Likely Cause

https://rumble.com/v1q85yb-huge-hospital-whistleblower-sounds-alarm-nurse-exposes-fetal-death-coverup  Video Here (Approx. 22 Min)

Hospital Whistleblower Exposes Fetal Death Coverup

A nurse whistleblower from California states that stillbirths used to be extremely uncommon, but her hospital had 22 stillbirths in one month, and are now projected to increase each month.  Go here for the Epoch Times article.  The whistleblower’s mother passed away due to the Fauci Death Protocol still being used in hospitals despite being extremely toxic and ineffective.

Forty-three year old veteran OBGYN, Dr. James A. Thorp, is seeing death and destruction like never before due to the COVID “vaccines” which cause a significant inflammatory affect.

  • 12,000 fold increase in menstrual abnormalities
  • Dr. Thorp spoke of whistleblower Dr. Kimberly Biss (OBGYN) who in this Youtube states she is seeing:
    • 50% increase in infertility
    • 50% increase in miscarriages
    • 25% increase in abnormal pap smears & cervical malignancies
  • Dr. Thorp is also seeing an increase in fetal malformation, cardiac arrest, placental thrombosis, and VAIDS (vaccine induced acquired immune deficiency).
  • Despite all these horrific outcomes it is occurring globally.

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