AONM-Newsletter-January-2022 (1)

Please read in it entirety.  A few teasers:

  • University of Washington reports that almost a third go onto suffer persistent COVID symptoms.  They found that the S1 segment of the spike protein is recoverable from human monocytes in PASC patients up to 15 months after an acute infection compared to controls.
  • The Royal Society’s SET-C group describe a wide range of symptoms that overlap with M.E.
  • Since its introduction in 2006, Seahorse XF technology has been used in over 7,000 peer-reviewed publications and AONM now offers a range of tests of mitochondrial and cellular performance using Seahorse as well as extracellular flux analysis with luciferase assays. AONM will be holding a series of webinars in the first quarter of 2022 explaining the tests.
  • Virtual conference on autoimmune encephalopathy (PANDS/PANDAS) takes place on Feb. 9-11.
  • Early bird tickets if you do not wish to be awarded CPD points are available here for $69 for all three days, until January 17th, after which the price rises to $99. For medical professionals (with CPD included), the early bird until Jan. 17th is $325, and $375 afterwards:  You can view the complete agenda and lineup of  incredible speakers by clicking here.
  • The books Toxic Legacy and Chronic are reviewed.
  • A list of upcoming events is at the end of the newsletter.
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