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Del BigTree interviews Dr. McCullough on this latest development, a phenomenon Lyme literate doctors understand all too well.
Dr. Peter McCullough is under fire from the American Board of Internal Medicine (A.B.I.M.), who is threatening his medical license for “providing false and inaccurate information to patients”. Senator Ron Johnson has responded with a call for A.B.I.M. and Dr. McCullough to participate in an open hearing on Capitol Hill, and put it all on the table of public record.
Senator Johnson (WI) is one of the few politicians standing up for the “vaccine” injured, true misinformation, and now doctors who are being attacked.  He is also demanding that a DOD contractor turn over the Military’s Medical Database Records after the company failed to fully comply with a previous request seeking information about its “awareness of potential data problems” with the military’s database.  The database was recently edited after whistleblowers pointed out the high rate of COVID injection injuries. The DOD magically and suddenly discovered 5 years of “false data” only after attorney Renz came forth with shockingly dramatic increases in medical diagnoses among the military.
An earlier report linked heart inflammation specifically in a study involving the U.S. military.

I’m thankful for recent papers where scientists remind us that hypotheses are not misinformation and conjecture. True science embraces alternative hypotheses, contradictory arguments, verification, refutability, and controversy. Departing from this principle risks establishing dogmas, abandoning the essence of science, and, even worse, paving the way for conspiracy theories. Further, allowing scientists, doctors, and public health ‘authorities to have conflicts of interest also hurts real science due to bias.

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