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As European states, including France, are grappling with a rise in coronavirus cases, we are taking a look at the picture in Sweden. The Scandinavian country’s approach to COVID-19 has been controversial. Sweden never imposed a lockdown, although Swedes did respect government advice to social distance. We’re at one of Stockholm’s main markets and the scene here doesn’t look radically different than before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. There are no face masks in sight. There are no personal space barriers or health warnings at any of the stands. Swedish authorities have chosen to try and keep life going as normal as far as possible.



The statement from the woman in the video working with mental health patients has played out in reality: we go crazy with heavy-handed government mandates that take away our freedom to make our own choices, make a living, and interact with others.

Suicides due to COVID are a big problem:

Sweden should serve as a role-model:


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