Controlling Hurricane Ian?


To demonstrate how “climate change” is being used for political purposes, recently Biden claimed Hurricane Ian proves “climate change” despite an expert’s dismissal and a recent study stating otherwise, but truth be damned.  It’s all relative if it forwards the accepted narrative.  An astrophysicist weather expert has also come forward stating the climate has nothing to do with man and that climate “scientists” are on a “gravy train” to secure funds.  Another study demonstrates there’s no climate emergency, while another shows that coal fly ash, utilized in tropspheric aerosol geoengineering is the primary cause of stratospheric ozone depletion, not chlorofluorocarbons.

Is Our Weather Being Manipulated?

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The use of jet aircraft spray to cause cloud seeding to alter a storm is part of a weather modification program known as Project Cirrus, which accomplished the first cloud seeding of a hurricane back in 1947. The list of weather modification patents is in the hundreds and continues to grow.

Weather modification is not new.

Normally using silver iodide, dry ice has also been used for seeding. This first historical seeding caused a reversal of a hurricane’s path, making landfall in Georgia causing local destruction.  Many blamed the seeding and the project was officially canceled, setting seeding research back more than a decade.

In 1962, the US military’s operation STORMFURY picked up where Project Cirrus left off.

During the 1960’s the US military continued to expand its weather warfare effort in Vietnam with project Operation Popeye.

The video shows President Lyndon B. Johnson giving a speech were he states:

“He who controls the weather controls the world.”

National weather service employees are tethered by an illegal, federal gag order so it’s all kept on the down and low.

The scheduled weather forecasting scripts are then passed all the way down to the local meteorologist level.
The official narrative must be controlled.

Is Hurricane Ian in Florida just a random act of nature or is it being manipulated by particulate sprays from jet aircraft and then controlled by radar facilities and microwave transmission towers?

One thing’s for certain, as more and more are waking up, pushing back, and acknowledging a Globalist Agenda which includes the “climate change” agenda, the war in Ukraine, spiraling electricity and gas prices, and food shortages, the globalists are cornered which means an “engineered” disaster is about to strike to manipulate the public by revamping fear to achieve its desired ends.

Don’t fall for it.

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