It appears that Bill Gates’ Microsoft file patent for a “body activity data” apparatus involves far more than just tracking vaccines.  
Patent #WO2020060606, which is described as a “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data,” senses body activity of the user.
Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user(1) may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server(2). A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device(3) of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system(4), and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.”(5)
The patent states that “conditions set by the cryptocurrency system” can be awarded cryptocurrency to the user.  In other words, if you are a good boy or girl you get points.  What happens if you aren’t a good boy or girl?
I posted about Gates’ push for vaccine tracking here: and here:

These ‘digital certificates’ are human-implantable ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ that researchers at MIT and Rice University are working on as a way to hold vaccination records. It was last year in December when scientists from the two universities revealed that they were working on these quantum-dot tattoos after Bill Gates approached them about solving the problem of identifying those who have not been vaccinated.

Quote by Gates to the Financial Times:

“You don’t have a choice. Normalcy only returns when we’ve vaccinated the entire global population.”

In light of today’s revelation, of long-standing vaccine fraud and our government lying to us for decades about vaccine safety, Gates’ statement is particularly chilling:

The implantable mark emits a glowing red X pattern as it delivers the vaccine and what is left behind is capable of data storage and retrieval for years afterwards.  Smartphones are implicated:

“Detection of the microdots is possible using specially adapted smartphones that can detect the near-infrared fluorescence. ‘Because these phones offer on-board processing power, camera applications, and inexpensive consumer-grade camera modules, we chose to adapt an existing smartphone to enable NIR imaging rather than build a completely new imaging system,” they wrote. “In addition, we believe that familiarity with the function of these devices will lessen the learning curve for NIR imaging in a field setting.'”

Researchers have turned this technology to the COVID-19 virus.

PittCoVacc, short for Pittsburgh Coronavirus Vaccine uses lab-made pieces of viral protein to build immunity, similarly to current flu shots. What’s different is that it utilizes a microneedle array which increases potency. The patch goes on like a Band-Aid and then the needles — which are made entirely of sugar and the protein pieces — simply dissolve into the skin.

“Testing in patients would typically require at least a year and probably longer,” Falo said. “This particular situation is different from anything we’ve ever seen, so we don’t know how long the clinical development process will take. Recently announced revisions to the normal processes suggest we may be able to advance this faster.”

A 2019 MIT study funded by the Gates Foundation describes how “near-infrared quantum dots” can be implanted under the skin along with a vaccine to encode information for “decentralized data storage and bio-sensing.”

All of this stored data needs to have a system big enough to handle it.  Enter 5G.

Hopefully it is becoming clearer all the time what COVID-19 is really about.

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