Two new studies presented at the recent CEHMDF annual meeting in Texas show a bacterial, infective process.

“Morgellons disease is a multi-system illness characterized by the formation of unusual, sometimes brightly colored fibers within skin. It is a debilitating, painful and life impacting condition. In addition to slowly healing skin lesions, an array of multi-system symptoms can occur, including fatigue, joint and muscle pain, intestinal problems and neurological symptoms including behavioral changes. Patients with Morgellons disease may shed unusual particles from the skin described as fibers, “sand” or seed-like black specks, or crystallized particles.”

Many medical professionals believe Morgellons sufferers suffer from delusions.

In both 2013 and 2015, international scientists contradicted this theory by showing borrelia spirochetes in skin samples.  But, similarly to MSIDS (multi systemic infectious disease syndrome or Lyme with friends) denial, most mainstream doctors deny the science.

Two additional laboratories (Oklahoma State and IGenex) have now replicated finding multiple bacterial species as well as three different species of borrelia DNA in Morgellons skin samples.

Defending Morgellon’s patients, Oklahoma State’s Dr. Wymore states,

“Collectively, the research into Morgellons disease clearly shows a bacterial, infective process in these patients. In contrast, and despite the bombastic claims of some, there is zero convincing, scientific evidence that Morgellons is a psychogenic illness.”

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