Sweden Wins Hands Down Thanks to Anders Tegnell

The evidence is in: Lockdowns and Masks Worse than Pointless

Dec. 5, 2023

Citing my favorite philosopher of Science, Sir Karl Popper, Ivor Cummings reviews in this 15-minute video government reports and peer-reviewed literature that show without a doubt that Sweden took the right approach. They have Anders Tegnell to thank for that.

Excess deaths in Sweden (green) compared to other Nordic countries. Look at 2021-2022. Wow.

Ivor does a fine job reviewing all of the data and reports and proof that Sweden in fact never locked down. Ivor has been a voice of reason from the start of COVID-19, accepts donations via Paypal, and has a Patreon account, too.

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Cummins also appeared on GBNews:

http://  Approx. 8 Min

Proof Lockdowns & Masks Are Pointless


Ivor Cummins

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